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But the men I have with me won't work, and I shall not be ready for them, I am afraid." "What is the reason they won't work?" "They say they shipped to fight the Yankees, and they are not going to do such work as lighting up the steamer." "Perhaps we can bring them to their senses," said Christy, as he ordered Beeks to give way again.

We have had our wish, and so I say to you: 'Be a Wyandot and live, refuse and die." It was put plainly, tersely, but Henry had expected it, and his answer was ready. His resolution had been taken and could not be altered. "I choose death," he said, adopting the Wyandot's epigrammatic manner. A shade of sadness appeared for a moment on the face of Timmendiquas. "You cannot change?" he asked.

As we approached the spot, we all by degrees united into a body, but on seeing the dogs at the foot of a large tree, separated again, and galloped off to surround it. "Each hunter now moved with caution, holding his gun ready, and allowing the bridle to dangle on the neck of his horse, as it advanced slowly towards the dogs.

"The fact is, we are working for dear life, to get the children ready for a party to-night, and wished to be excused from seeing any one." "Certainly all right," returned Mrs. "I shall be very happy to see her," said I, "very happy. Do come in and sit down for a little while. If I had only known it was you."

The Pennsylvania Railroad had only been extended thus far in 1852, and the early iron manufacturers rightly foresaw a great future for the industry at this point. Immense Furnaces. Coal, iron and limestone were abundant, and the new railroad would enable them to find ready markets for their products.

Grady, a tall, dark-eyed, impulsive-tempered Irish boy, was what the Socialists called a "Jimmie Higgins," that is, one of the fellows who did the hard and dreary work of the movement, who were always on hand no matter what happened, always ready to have some new responsibility put upon their shoulders.

It turned preponderantly to commercial and economic aims. A secular view of the purpose of God in history began to prevail in all classes of society. The Grand Monarque was ready to proclaim the divine right of the State which was himself. Still, not until the period of his dotage did that claim bear any relation to what even he would have called religion.

His father and mother are watching him. Oh, Adrien, that is a sad home. It was a terrible experience for me. Tony I must see when he wakes and the poor old father and mother will be over here early. I must be ready for them." "Very well, Jack," said Adrien in a prompt, businesslike tone. "You have two clear hours for sleep. You must sleep for the sake of others, you understand.

There was the wide fireplace with a fire laid all ready for the touch of a match that would bring the pleasant blaze to dispel the loneliness of the place.

The week passed away rapidly enough, and we made ready for our departure. It was no easy matter to get a passage home, but we had at last settled it that we would return in the same vessel in which we had at first engaged our passage to Liverpool, the Catalonia. But we were fortunate enough to have found an active and efficient friend in our townsman, Mr.

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