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As he was standing on the hotel porch old Jarvis Benson came up, caught him by the button-hole and began a long story, to which the physician listened with such patience as he could find. When Elizabeth Mellen quitted the graveyard, she was for the moment insane. Mellen had left her alone with the dead and the man she had so hated.

By and by, when the fog began to clear off, I noticed that the reflection of a tree in the smooth water of an overflowed bank, six hundred yards away, was stronger and blacker than the ghostly tree itself. The faint spectral trees, dimly glimpsed through the shredding fog, were very pretty things to see.

He began dimly to conceive that the red woman had good qualities. At last the question on her breast was spoken. "Who is she?" she asked, pointing sullenly at the sleeping Natalie. Garth rapidly considered what he should answer.

The men knew the bearings of Cotton-Tree Bay, so the angry voices yielded to selfish thought. If it was to be sauve qui peut when the vessel grounded, there was ample room for thought, seeing that each man's probable fate would be that of a mad dog. Hozier seized the precious respite. He spoke loudly enough that all should hear, and he began with a rebuke.

After choking and spluttering and crying more than ever for a while, Martin began to grow quiet, and to swallow the milk with some satisfaction, for he was very hungry and thirsty, and it tasted very good.

"Sit down, Brainard," said Houghton. The newcomer did so, and the senior partner marked an attitude of laziness and indifference. Houghton became stern. "Brainard," he began, "I gave you a chance with us because " He paused. The other colored. "I had hoped to make good without that." "But this morning Mr. Pepper " "Said we couldn't get along together. That's true." "Ah! You admit!"

Then they went forth with their armes naked to their shoulders, bearing with them great swords and mightie axes, and dancing like mad persons. After that we had passed many small villages, we fortuned to come to one Britunis house, where at our first entrie they began to hurle themselves hither and thither, as though they were mad.

I was fairly taken in at first, and began to think I had got hold of a godly book; for there was a deal about hope and despair, and death, and heaven, and angels, and torments, and everlasting happiness. But when I got a little on, I found there was no meaning in all these words, or if any, it was a bad meaning.

Miss Feemy, alanna, what'll we be doing widout you?" and she came round and began kissing her mistress's dress, and hands, and face, "What shall we do widout you at all then? what will the ould man be doing, when you're not to the fore to mix his punch?" "Don't talk that way," said Feemy. "Shure, won't I be coming back to see him when I'm married?"

Then they began to move on again, the cart with Terry and Reilly, and Turly riding the bare-backed donkey behind, side by side with Jocko, who seemed very glad of their company. As they turned off the high-road they saw Nurse Nancy standing at the foot of the avenue, evidently looking out for them in great anxiety. The cart stopped before her. "Oh, you terrible childher! You dreadful little girl!

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