And yet he made his aunt his confidante told her what she had only suspected before that he was deeply enamoured of Mam'selle Cannes, and would gladly marry her. He spoke to Madame Babette of his father's hoarded riches; and of the share which he, as partner, had in them at the present time; and of the prospect of the succession to the whole, which he had, as only child.

So I'm here to collaborate, that's all." Mr. Osgood's junior partner looked around at the clerks, who hastily resumed their interrupted duties. "Come in here," he said to the visitor, and he led his guest into an inner office next to Mr. Osgood's own, and closed the door behind him.

"What's a silent partner?" Pee-wee demanded. "Oh, that's just the fellow that puts up the money and keeps in the background sort of, and nobody knows he's interested." "I'd rather be a noisy partner," Pee-wee said. "I wouldn't be silent for anybody, I wouldn't." Deadwood Gamely paused a moment, smiling. "No, but you could keep a secret, couldn't you?" he asked.

Cleopatra had lived nine and thirty years, during twenty-two of which she had reigned as queen, and for fourteen had been Antony's partner in his empire. Antony, according to some authorities, was fifty-three, according to others, fifty-six years old.

After tasting it we could well understand the feeling of the Jack Sumner, whose remark, after a similar trial, suggested its name to Major Powell. A short distance below this we saw a tent, and found it occupied by an old-timer named Kimball. Among other things he told us that he had a partner, named Turner, who had made the trip through the canyons above, and arrived at this point in safety.

No demand should be laid upon the mate that requires a drastic change of personality. Nobody can suddenly change his personality at will, and the effort to do so to please the partner is liable to result in a topheavy hypocrisy a superstructure calculated to impress the observer, but built on a shaky foundation of chaos.

Miss Bertram did indeed look happy, her eyes were sparkling with pleasure, and she was speaking with great animation, for Julia and her partner, Mr. Crawford, were close to her; they were all in a cluster together. How she had looked before, Fanny could not recollect, for she had been dancing with Edmund herself, and had not thought about her. Mrs.

"But," said Crauford, "you were civil to him; did not reply hotly, eh! my good Bradley?" "Lord forbid, sir; Lord forbid, that I should not know my place better, or that I should give an unbecoming word to the partner of my honoured benefactor. But, sir, if I dare venture to say so, I think Mr.

"Well, it's a partner that does no work; but I'm wide-awake for all that, an' have a pretty good notion of what is going on there. Now, lad, if I were to take you in, what would you say to 5 pounds a year?" "It don't sound much, sir," said Willie bluntly, "but if you take me in with the understandin' that I'm to work my way up'ards, I don't mind about the pay at first."

He was not just a rattle-box, a mere word slinger, for he always had something to say worth listening to; talking to a crowd was no great task for him and he had a genius for verbal expression. "I hope my partner in mechanical effort and now in misery will let me speak for him, too, for he couldn't get up here and say a word if you'd promise him the moon for a watch charm. Our host, Mr.