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One morning early we made the venture in a melancholy drizzle of rain, and passed through the frowning gates unmolested.

If we wish to know to what daring lengths cunning can go, to what pitiable self-delusion credulity can consent, we must watch the proceedings even while we shrink from them of a Mercy Merrick and a Julian Gray. "In taking up my narrative again where my last letter left off, I must venture to set you right on one point.

They could not help liking it, even the most fastidious; they might venture upon liking it, for it was a game with an origin and references. It was an officers' game, on board great naval ships; it had proper and sufficient antecedents. It would do.

Without being questioned, O Yudhishthira, I could not venture to discourse upon this duly. Morality is very subtle. One understands it, O bull of Bharata's race, by the aid of the texts of scriptures. By remembering what one has heard and by practising good acts, some one in some place may become a righteous person. By acting with intelligence the king may or may not succeed in acquiring wealth.

"Let others affect martyrdom," he said, "for myself I am unworthy of the honor;" and, at another time, "I am not of a mind," he observed "to venture my life for the truth's sake; all men have not strength to endure the martyr's death. For myself, if it came to the point, I should do no better than Simon Peter."

The taxidermist shook his head, good-naturedly, but when his wife laughed he turned upon her. "Wait! I dawn't be done wid doze number' yet." I guessed that, having failed with them in the daily drawings, he would shift the figures after some notion of magical significance and venture a ticket, whole or fractional, in the monthly drawing.

But the money-dealing business very soon developed the machinery of credit by which anybody who had an enterprise or a venture out of which he expected to make an attractive profit could, if he had sufficient property to pledge, provide himself with the means to finance it between the day that he started on his operations and the day when he brought home his profits: and this business also became international, though not, perhaps, as rapidly as commerce had overstepped the boundaries between one people and another.

MORTIMER. My lord, I cannot tell What angers him: the confidence, perhaps, The queen so suddenly confers on me. LEICESTER. Are you deserving then of confidence? MORTIMER. This would I ask of you, my Lord of Leicester. LEICESTER. You said you wished to speak with me in private. MORTIMER. Assure me first that I may safely venture. LEICESTER. Who gives me an assurance on your side?

He knew that the fighting there was of the old-fashioned sort, from behind protecting trees and wooded hillocks, something like the good old fights of Indians and buckskin scouts away home in the wild west of America. And he could not repress his impulse to venture farther into the solitude.

Up, and with Cocke, by coach to London, there home to my wife, and angry about her desiring a mayde yet, before the plague is quite over. It seems Mercer is troubled that she hath not one under her, but I will not venture my family by increasing it before it be safe.