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Within her eyes the sapphire gates of heaven unclosed to me; in the splendor of lustred hair was life-warmth. And had I forgot? the red lips I crushed like rose-leaves on my own the tender eyes that plead 'remember me' the faded rosemary which we culled together the vows with which I said that love like ours was never false, nor parting fatal. Had I forgot?

An advance log, rushing straight towards the gates, swerved when within a few feet of them, and, rearing half its dripping length, hurled itself against the gate-lever at which Hippy and Tom were tugging. Both saw the giant rise from the boiling flood. "Too late! Save your " Tom did not finish.

The Japanese held the Palace gates as long as possible, and then being desperate exploded a mine which killed numbers of Koreans and Chinese soldiery and threw the attack into confusion. They then fought their way out of the city escaping ultimately to the nearest sea-port, Chemulpo. The explanation of this extraordinary episode has never been made public.

When the time fixed for the departure of the women arrived, and the city gates were thrown open for their exit, to the astonishment of Conrad, and the admiration of the whole army, the first to appear was the duchess, who, trembling under the weight, bore upon her shoulders Duke Welf, her husband.

There's a michty competition for them in the big toons. Ay, the leddies just stand at the college gates, as you may say, and snap them up as they come out." "And just as well for the ministers, I'se uphaud," said Tibbie, "for it saves them a heap o' persecution when they come to the like o' Thrums. There was Mr.

There was a raised platform at one end of the room in which the meeting was held, on which Gates and others sat. Upon this Washington took a seat, and when the meeting was called to order, he advanced upon the platform, while the most solemn silence prevailed in the assembly, and read an address which he had prepared for the occasion.

At this time at the gates to the North Sea, the English Channel, the Irish coast the U-boats were collecting frightful toll. In the Mediterranean they were running wild. Five ships from one convoy in one day three of them big P. & O. liners was one of their records in the Eastern Mediterranean.

And take heed that ye make it huge of bulk, so that the men of Troy may not receive it into their gates, nor bring it within their walls and get safety for themselves thereby.

The great doors opened inwards; the crowd, trying to press out, closed them, and kept them hermetically sealed. The priests, anxious to save the church properties and sacred relics, shut the large iron gates across the chancel and kept them fastened, notwithstanding the agonising shrieks of the unhappy victims, many of whom might otherwise have escaped.

Then I shall be ready to accept your hospitality as it is proffered. Outside your city gates my humble followers lie starving. My only prayer is that you will send them cheer and succor." No time was lost in sending to the gates for the strollers who had accomplished the marvel of the day.