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One by one she picked out and identified relics dating back to Mary's girlhood, long before Lurancy Vennum had come into the world. She displayed, too, not a little of the clairvoyant ability ascribed to Mary.

“A heart breaking,” he replied, lighting his cigar. “Don’t talk like that,” said the voice. “Itit distresses me.” There was a break in the voice. “And, alas! between distress and consolation there are fifteen perpendicular feet of stone and mortar and the relics of twelve hundred bottles of Bass,” he replied. “Perhaps,”—the voice hesitated—“perhaps we may see each other some day.”

When Sir Christopher Wren, the architect, built this present edifice, after the great fire of 1666, he found relics of three periods, the Saxon, the British, and the Roman. St. Paul's has been burned five times. Paul's. Now, let's go in, for there is much to be seen." Next to St. Peter's at Rome, St. Paul's in London is the largest church, in the world.

There existed in the sacred treasury of the cathedral a casket of gold, containing the most precious relics, but which was never opened to the eyes of mortals, and whose lock no key fitted. Only once a year was this precious, sacred casket of relics shown to the worshipping crowd, and then locked up in the holy shrine.

But his greatest achievement as a connoisseur was his interest in Etruscan remains and the excavations at Arezzo and elsewhere which yielded the priceless relics now at the Archaeological Museum. With Cosimo I this swift review of the Medici family ends.

As the form of the cumdach indicates that it was intended to receive a book, and as the relics are all attached to the outer and the least ancient cover, it is manifest that the use of the box as a reliquary was not its original intention. The natural inference therefore is, that it contained a manuscript which had belonged to St.

All his laws he established for an hundred years, and wrote them on wooden tables or rollers, named axones, which might be turned round in oblong cases; some of their relics were in my time still to be seen in the Prytaneum, or common hall, at Athens. These, as Aristotle states, were called cyrbes, and there is a passage of Cratinus the comedian,

Mechanically he untied the check handkerchief which contained his few clothes, and worldly possessions, and relics of home.

There were three masts protruding over the water at one spot, the relics of some gallant ship, and index to one of those godsends which the Spanish Government is solicitous to guarantee to the distressed and deserving local fishermen. What a pity it was not the Murillo! That would have been poetic retribution.

The romantic beauty of the region which they inhabit, the relics of a wild mythology, which, in its general features, has some resemblance to that of Greece and Scandinavia, the adventurous character of the population, the vicissitudes of guerilla warfare, and a hundred picturesque incidents which are lost to the muses when war is carried on on a large scale by standing armies, are all given in a dialect, which, for musical sweetness, is to other Slavonic tongues what the Italian is to the languages of Western Europe.