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Chia Cheng, with one shout, interrupted their cries, "You ignorant child of wrath!" he ejaculated; "how many old writers can you know, and how many stanzas of ancient poetical works can you remember, that you will have the boldness to show off in the presence of all these experienced gentlemen? Saying this, he led the company into the interior of the hall with the mallows.

Kennedy nodded, and was about to ask another question, when there was a slight noise out in the hall. Thinking it might be Kato himself, I sprang to the door. Instead, I encountered a middle-aged man, who drew back in surprise at seeing me, a stranger. "Oh, good morning, Doctor Aitken!" greeted Miss Langdale, in quite the casual manner of a nurse accustomed to the daily visit at about this hour.

Thomas left Washington soon after President Grant's inauguration to take command of the Department of the Pacific. He was disappointed in his expectations and depressed in feeling. His death was noticed in a peculiarly impressive manner by a meeting of the two branches of Congress in the Hall of Representatives, to hear addresses commemorative of his character.

"Take your pleasure, child, for it is a sad world, and the blight will fall. I love to see you happy." "Happy!" she answered. "I am not happy!" "You are above them all in beauty," he went on. "There is not one here that's fit to tie your shoe." "Oh me!" cried Audrey. "There is the lady that you love, and that loves you. Why did she look at me so, in the hall yonder?

Miss Danton turned to her with a brilliant smile, that faded at the first glance. "How pale you are, Rose! What is it?" "Am I pale?" said Rose, carelessly; "the heat, I dare-say. Do you know Doctor Frank has gone?" "Gone! Where?" "To the Hall. Papa sent for him." "Papa? Oh, Rose " "There! There is no occasion to be alarmed; papa is well enough; it is Agnes Darling." "Agnes!

I mean to press William Story to work it out. Were I to take up the story I would create an interest by suggesting a secret in the first chamber, which would develop itself more and more in every successive hall of the great palace, and lead the wife irresistibly to the chamber of horrors.

Then he laughed, so Leonore laughed too. After a game of billiards they all went to the dance. As they entered the hall, Peter heard his name called in a peculiar voice behind. He turned and saw Dorothy. Dorothy merely said, "Peter!" again. But Peter understood that explanations were in order. He made no attempt to dodge.

It shewed two series of rooms, divided by a long passage. One of the rooms was marked "Red Parlour," another, "Hall," and at the end of the passage, there were some words, clearly in Gertrude Marvell's handwriting "Garden door, north." With terror in her heart, Delia brought the fragment to the lamp, and examined every word and line of it. Recollections flashed into her mind, and turned her pale.

Well, that night in them parlors, when he reads some rhymes in a book, whatever is that piece he reads? Locksley Hall; right you be, son!

W. S. Pittman, a graduate of Tuskegee and of the Drexel Institute in Philadelphia. The need for a building to house the mechanical industries which, until 1892, had been conducted in temporary frame buildings on different parts of the grounds, led to the erection of Cassedy Hall, a three-story brick building standing at the east entrance to the grounds.