This ill suited the schemes of the nurse, who nevertheless was forced to be content. But after dinner, seeing how restless was the girl, and how she came and went, and ran a thousand times to the balcony, the nurse began to wonder whether Elena herself were not in love with some one. So she feigned to sleep, but placed herself within sight of the window.

"There's no good going on with that," said the governor sharply. "We must take down her statement in writing, and then " "Look, she is sinking!" said Calhoun sharply. The woman's head had dropped forward, her chin was on her breast, and her hands became clenched. "The doctor at once-bring in the nurse," said Calhoun. "She's dying."

Thoughts of a Sunday excursion, from participation in which she should in some way excuse herself; of volunteering to relieve her sister-in-law's nurse during the day, and thus leaving her husband in charge of the house and the children; of making that visit to her mother which is always in order with the newly-made wife all these, and other devices not so practicable, came before Mrs.

As this squabble was growing into a quarrel the physician arrived; he had not been long alone with the unknown, before he sent for a surgeon, and the surgeon for a nurse.

'Perhaps we shall never meet again, said Bruce pleasantly, as Edith, Dilly and the nurse were starting; 'either the Zeppelins may come while you're away, or they may set your hotel at Eastcliff on fire. Just the place for them. 'Well, if you want me you've only to telephone, and I can be back in a little more than an hour. Madame Frabelle accompanied Edith to the station.

"Don't, Gloria!" cried the nurse, in the same tone of terror she had used in the hallway when trying to quiet Sal's mother. "But I mean it!" said Gloria. "I don't see how the owner of that building with all those trippy places can sleep nights. Think of anyone taking rent for a house like that! I never knew such places were allowed in the market."

Ah, how often is this so in the law! his record must be kept good. After the whiskey had been held up to the light and the dime fingered, the old man's attorney a young lawyer from the old man's own town, a smooth-faced young fellow who had the gentle look of a hospital nurse and who was doing his best to bring the broken body back to life and freedom put the victim on the stand.

He gives all he earns to the sick and needy. He lives on fare as poor as the poorest of our people eat; he gives up his hours of sleep to nurse the sick. Dauphin might not have lived but for him. His heart is good, else these things were impossible. He could not act them." "But that's just it, Cure. Doesn't he act them? Isn't it a whim?

Early in May, we received an old Irishwoman into our service, who for four years proved a most faithful and industrious creature. And what with John E to assist my husband on the farm, and old Jenny to help me to nurse the children, and manage the house, our affairs, if they were no better in a pecuniary point of view, at least presented a more pleasing aspect at home.

For ourselves I could contrive, papa's diet is so very simple; but there will be a nurse coming in a day or two, and I am afraid of not having things good enough for her. Papa requires nothing, you know, but plain beef and mutton, tea and bread and butter; but a nurse will probably expect to live much better; give me some hints if you can. Mr.