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So then she kissed me, and patted me on the head, and dropped into a kind of a brown study; and pretty soon jumps up, and says: "Why, lawsamercy, it's most night, and Sid not come yet! What HAS become of that boy?" I see my chance; so I skips up and says: "I'll run right up to town and get him," I says. "No you won't," she says. "You'll stay right wher' you are; ONE'S enough to be lost at a time.

The slow, fat fellow dropped the twigs which he had in his hand, the first maid looked up from the kettle, and both cried out simultaneously: "Heaven help us! What are you doing?" "When a worthless brute like this refuses to listen to reason and will not be decent and let itself be gilded, it ought to have its confounded bones smashed!"

Vaisampayana said, "Yudhishthira saw his brothers, each possessed of the glory of Indra himself, lying dead like the Regents of the world dropped from their spheres at the end of the Yuga.

He heard no noise on board, for the young people were as subdued and still as people usually are who are nearly tired to death. He wondered what boat it was, and why she did not stop at the wharf and then he dropped her out of his mind and put his attention upon his business. The night was growing cloudy and dark.

She has been, here three years and has a score of lovers." "And you dropped her?" "Of course I dropped her." "And you have not found another?" "No, and I do not want another, and I had not made love to this girl either, as you think I had; perhaps I would have done so, but thanks to you I was warned in time.

I spun round for a minute or two with such velocity that I almost lost my senses, and then fell suddenly, left wing foremost, down the vacuum funnel in the centre. I dropped like a stone, and lost nearly a thousand feet. It was only my belt that kept me in my seat, and the shock and breathlessness left me hanging half-insensible over the side of the fuselage.

Wingfold could tell me something comfort me somehow, if I were to tell him all about it! I could trust the man that said such things as those you told me. That I could! Oh! I wish I hadn't run away, but had let them take me and hang me!" Helen felt herself grow white. She turned away, and pretended to search for something she had dropped.

There are many feelings in us that are not able to get up stairs the moment we call them. Be as dull and stupid as it pleases God to let you be, and trouble neither yourself nor him about that, only ask him to be with you all the same." The little man dropped on his knees by the bedside, and said,

My head swam, there was no doubt about it, and I felt a certain heaviness of limbs as if they had grown bigger since I had sat down on that chair. I made my bow. A subtle change in Captain Ellis' manner became perceptible as though he had laid aside the trident of deputy-Neptune. In reality, it was only his official pen that he had dropped on getting up.

At the annual convention held at Atlanta, in the autumn of that year the engineers dropped the sympathy-striking switchmen from the pay roll, at the same time increasing the pay of striking engineers from $40.00 to $50.00 a month. At the end of the first month of the strike the lines were pretty well drawn. There was no neutral ground for employees.