Reading there somewhat late one evening, and feeling that the power to read was leaving me for the letters from incessant perusal were losing all sap and significance: my gold was withering to leaves before my eyes, and I was sorrowing over the disillusion suddenly a quick tripping foot ran up the stairs.

Flambeau went to the open door and heard the official police ascending the stairs. He turned and said: "You must have followed everything devilish close to have traced the crime to Kalon in ten minutes." Father Brown gave a sort of start. "Oh! to him," he said. "No; I had to follow rather close to find out about Miss Joan and the fountain pen.

Making a long round to avoid the elevators, he dragged himself up two flights of stairs and so came to his goal. Enveloped in a rain-coat, and with a soft hat drawn well over his eyes, he compassed the escape from the upper floor by means of the remote stair he had used in ascending, and so reached the ground-floor.

It had evidently been detached from its fastenings by the workman who, with his back to her, now knelt over a tool-box, fumbling among the tools with resultant little metallic clicks. Lydia ran down the stairs, finger on lip. "Hush! Don't make any more noise than you can help. Mother's still asleep."

Laudersdale came sailing down the stairs. A week previously, when, to repay the civilities of their friends in the neighboring city, Mrs. McLean had made a little fancy-party, Helen, appearing as Champagne, all in rosy gauzes with a veiling foam of dropping silver lace, had begged Mrs.

Not that he's dissatisfied where he is, for he likes Mandy and the children, and they do everything to make him comfortable but it's the stairs. He wants to eat with the others; he says he feels like a prisoner cooped up in one room. We have a spare room on the ground floor that old Silas Putnam used to sleep in. I'm only afraid of one thing 'twill be too much care for Huldah.

He dived back into one of the empty rooms just in time to miss a rush of men pouring along the passage to the stairs. Cut off from the street, Clay took to the roof again. It would not do for him to be caught in the house by the police. He climbed the ladder, pushed his way through the trapdoor opening, and breathed deeply of the night air. But he had no time to lose.

We ascended the stairs to the inner room, where was a large-sized figure of Buddha, with the attendant figures at each side called his sons, Buddhavista, meaning "future Buddhas." Driving on, we came to another missing bridge. Here we were taken across on a rude raft, the carriage following, and then the horses.

"He can't," he confessed softly. "You're quite right. I like you immensely more than I can say. And even if you feel you can't trust me, I want you to know that I'm on your side in whatever happens at Baldpate Inn. You have only to ask, and I am your ally." "Thank you," she answered. "I may be very glad to ask. I shall remember." She rose and moved toward the stairs. "We had better disperse now.

'Oh don't and oh don't, pursued Miss Wren. 'It's oh do and oh do. And why do you? 'Won't do so any more. Won't indeed. Pray! 'There! said Miss Wren, covering her eyes with her hand. 'I can't bear to look at you. Go up stairs and get me my bonnet and shawl. Make yourself useful in some way, bad boy, and let me have your room instead of your company, for one half minute.