"Master! master!" cried Elsje, rapping on the chest. There was no answer. "My God! my God!" shrieked the poor maid-servant. "My poor master is dead." "Ah!" said Madame Daatselaer, "your mistress has made a bad business of it. Yesterday she had a living husband. Now she has a dead one." But soon there was a vigorous rap on the inside of the lid, and a cry from the prisoner: "Open the chest!

The soldiers had advanced, and their sudden appearance had startled Tom to such an extent that when they asked who he was and what he was doing there, he stammered and was unable to make a satisfactory reply offhand, with the result that the redcoats seized him and made him a prisoner, their idea being that even though he were a boy he might be a "rebel" spy.

But, nevertheless, Lucia caught from her mother the blessed certainty that, though man's justice might not clear the prisoner of murder, heaven's did; and they rejoiced together over this poor comfort, as if all the rest of their burden were easy to bear. Afterwards a council was held as to what could be done for Christian's defence.

“No, no, you would go in, and you can’t come outreturned the officer, “until the time has expired that the Judge directed for the keeping of the prisoner

And a good thing I hadn't too! for if I'd a known that lady had a been kept a prisoner here in my house, I'd a pitched her jailers neck and heels out o' the windows, and then set the dogs on 'em!" "But that would have been very unjust to them, and injurious to the lady you wish to befriend.

Work which according to any equitable, reasonable, or even decent procedure should have been entrusted to the first lawyers of the country preparing the case upon the law and the facts with the documents before them, with the power of cross-questioning witnesses and sifting evidence, and enlightened by constant conferences with the illustrious prisoner himself came entirely upon his own shoulders, enfeebled as he was by age, physical illness, and by the exhaustion of along imprisonment.

If therefore you will challenge them, or any of them, you must challenge them as they come to the book to be sworn, before they are sworn; and you shall be heard. CRYER Anthony Woodward, look upon the prisoner.

He handed to the prisoner, as he spoke, the writing materials, which had been seized upon by the archers on their first entrance, and then commanded those satellites to unhand the minstrel.

But what are you doing around here this time of night?" "I have been hunting after an escaped Yankee prisoner a gun-boat officer." "Did you catch him?" inquired Frank. "No; but I caught two others. I chased this gun-boat fellow with blood-hounds; but when I overtook him, I found that he had been reinforced by half a dozen others, and I was obliged to retreat.

Actually, the prisoner in a criminal trial is the only person supposed to have a knowledge of the facts who is not compelled to testify! And this amazing exemption is given him by way of immunity from the snares and pitfalls with which the paths of all witnesses are wantonly beset!