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He shook Robert by the hand with something of that hearty manner for which he had been distinguished before the one affliction of his life overtook and shipwrecked him. "Forgive me, Bob," he said, frankly, "for my surly temper of last night. You were quite correct in your assertion; the thunderstorm did upset me. It always had the same effect upon me in my youth." "Poor old boy!

I forget why they went. Well, it came on to pour with rain; and just as they had started for home, fortunately, or rather unfortunately, old Stevens the farmer overtook them on his way back from market and offered them a lift.

"I'm dashed if I know what's the matter with the old bus.... Here's that man again...." Jean burst into helpless laughter as the wagonette again overtook them. The driver flourished his whip and the horse broke into a canter it looked like derision. There was a long silence then Jean said: "If it won't go, it's too big to move.

We raced after it, and seemed to flash by the capes and crags with the speed of light; and now and then we almost overtook it and had hopes; but it was only playing with us; when we got near, it released its brake, made a spring around a corner, and the next time it spun into view, a few seconds later, it looked as small as a wheelbarrow, it was so far away.

Being the scoundrel he was, he jumped to the conclusion that some one had been spying on him. It was a mystery that bred watchfulness and much cogitation. "What's that about some geeser riding Jake las' night?" Bud, riding slowly until Bill overtook him, asked curiously, with the freedom of close friendship.

God of Abraham! Was there nothing to be done nothing? That instant a party of Galileans caught his eye. He rushed through the press and overtook them. "Follow me," he said. "I would have speech with you." The men obeyed him, and when they were under shelter of the house, he spoke again: "You are of those who took my swords, and agreed with me to strike for freedom and the King who was coming.

"Are your feet feeling tender, Isobel?" the latter asked cheerfully, as he overtook those in front. "No, Doctor," she said, with a smile; "I don't know that I was ever thankful for dust before, but I am now; it is so soft that it is like walking on a carpet, but, of course, it feels very strange."

After having gone a few paces, the former drew his pistol, pointed it at the back of his countryman's head, and pulled the trigger, but it missed fire. Talaloo hearing the click, turned round, saw the pistol, and immediately fled; but his enemy was swift of foot, soon overtook him, and the two grappled.

Day after day, from dawn to twilight, we moved onward, never stopping, except to give the oxen the necessary nooning, or to give them drink when water was available. Gradually, the distance between sections lengthened, and so it happened that the wagons of my father and my uncle were two days in advance of the others, on the eighth of October, when Mr. Reed, on horseback, overtook us.

He asked for further service, and was directed to report himself to General Sigel, by whom he was ordered to make a reconnoissance in the direction of Springfield. After a rapid night-march, Zagonyi overtook White, and assumed command of the whole force. White was quite ill, and, unable to stay in the saddle, was obliged to follow in a carriage.

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