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I told him he would be taken on to Ethiopia, for it is always impossible to play a man false when you know it is quite easy to do it. It is very strange! It is a real pleasure to cheat a cunning fellow or a sturdy man, but who would take in a child or a sick person? Huni certainly would have gone into the fire-pots of hell without complaining, and he left me quite cheerfully.

Upon reaching the door of the house it was evident that it had been deserted. Lucy had now assumed the command. "Dan," she said, "there is no shutter to the window of that upper room. You must manage to climb up there and get in at that window, and then open the door to us." "All right, missie, me manage dat," Dan said cheerfully.

We have had a great many Russian and English gentlemen and ladies on board to-day, and the time has passed cheerfully away. They were all happy-spirited people, and I never heard our mother tongue sound so pleasantly as it did when it fell from those English lips in this far-off land.

About twenty are worth putting labels on," answered Bertha cheerfully. "I'm a little inclined to think that that part of our plan was a mistake." "I don't believe it," said Dot. "There was one old duck who brought a German primer, and he strutted around as though he owned the place. I'm sure he'll use it constantly."

"Jack," she said at last, "this is your stepfather." Mr. Letts, in some difficulty as to the etiquette on such occasions, released his right arm and extended his hand. "Good-evening, stepfather," he said, cheerfully. Mr. Green drew back a little and regarded him unfavorably. "We we thought you was drowned," he said at last. "I was nearly," said Mr. Letts. "We all thought so," pursued Mr.

Finally, the first bell for tea was heard pealing downstairs, and away ran the three girls, leaving poor Cinderella to tidy the cubicles, and almost forgetting to thank her for her services; for in truth they had been so cheerfully rendered as to appear a favour given, rather than received.

In connection with this Board is the Samaritan Aid Society which annually contributes about three hundred new articles of clothing and bedding. The Board of Trustees is composed of able, experienced business men who apply their knowledge of business affairs to the conduct of the hospital. It means a sacrifice of much time on their part, but it is cheerfully given. The hospital is non-sectarian.

The arrow that he sped from his cross-bow struck in the yellow flanks. 'Well shot, said Lujan cheerfully, but his voice was drowned by a scream that was strangely like a woman's. He remembered it afterward in telling of the extraordinary thing that had happened to him, for when he went to look, where the great beast had leaped in air and fallen, there was nothing to be found there. Nothing.

'Is that all? Alice timidly asked. 'That's all, said Humpty Dumpty. 'Good-bye. This was rather sudden, Alice thought: but, after such a VERY strong hint that she ought to be going, she felt that it would hardly be civil to stay. So she got up, and held out her hand. 'Good-bye, till we meet again! she said as cheerfully as she could.

Your violence would urge me to become your enemy, did not previous inclination tempt me to be your friend. I pity the distresses of the lady Julia, to whom I am no stranger, and will cheerfully give her all the assistance in my power. At these words Julia revived, and Ferdinand, reproved by the generosity of the father, and conscious of his own inferiority, shrunk back.