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There were late parcels to put up for the little errand-boy to leave on his way home; there was the shop to tidy, and always a good many entries to make in the big ledger. Very often there were letters to write and send off, ordering supplies needed for the shop, or books not in stock, which some customer had asked for.

I could march in reserve more than twenty miles a day for day upon day. I knew all about my horses; I could sweep, wash, make a bed, clean kit, cook a little, tidy a stable, turn to entrenching for emplacement, take a place at lifting a gun or changing a wheel. I took change with a gunner, and could point well.

Well, Effie is very young, and she's charming. That won't smooth the way, of course; and if a prince is to come into the family, the family must be kept tidy to receive him. Dora got up quickly, as if she could bear his lucidity no longer, but he kept close to her as she walked away. 'And she can sacrifice you like that, without a scruple, without a pang?

"I am not going to deny," continued Rodd, "that there are plenty of horrible wretches amongst the French. And that Revolution was awful; but haven't we plenty of bad men amongst the English?" The skipper chuckled. "Well, yes, we have had some pretty tidy ones, if you come to read your histories. But I don't know so much about those chaps being brave.

I wanted to take her into my confidence, and she wouldn't hear a word, but scolded and called me names. She was an unreasonable, ungrateful landlady. I wished she would put us out, then we should be rid of her. But wasn't it funny about that tidy? What made me do that? I never meant to. Curious, the way we sometimes do things we don't want to at all.

"To me she is just right," she said, and in her voice there sounded the music of a great tenderness. "Youth is never tidy, Lady Grace; but there is nothing in the world like it." Lady Grace's eyes went to her daughter whose faultless apparel and perfection of line were in vivid contrast to Dinah's harum-scarum appearance. "I do not altogether agree with you in that respect, Mrs.

'I'll never believe she's Irish as long as I live she's too pretty and tidy and delicate and fair. She's no more Irish than I am, mother, and you've been taken in. 'She is Welsh on the mother's side. But are you very angry, David? 'No, I don't mind her doing a little work in an honest way like that. I'm not such a fool. When she has done the work send her off, that's all.

There is plenty for them to do keeping things tidy; and if we get into a very hard fight, and come out of the mêlée somewhat the worse for wear, it will be a blessing to have 'em along to mend our togas, sew buttons on our uniforms, and darn our hosiery." Morgan laughed sarcastically. "When did you flourish, if ever, colonel?" he asked. "Do you refer to me?" queried Abeuchapeta, with a frown.

"Oh! well," responded Miss De Courcy, with a hoarse little laugh of amusement. "I thought they might have thought maybe they objected to your making 'cquaintances without a regular introduction, you know. Haven't been here long, have you?" "No," said Druse, looking down at her tidy, with a sudden homesick thrill. "No, I I come from East Green, Connecticut. I ain't got used to it here, much.

But if this same child happened to be left with baby, so strong would be her jealousy that she would give the infant a sharp pinch and set it howling, and then run from the room. These peculiarities continued with her growth. Nurse was fond of her because she was quiet and useful in the nursery, fairly tidy in her habits, and fairly helpful.