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But reading is a thing that we do chiefly for indulgence and pleasure in our idle time; and the press falls in with our mood, and supplies us with what we want in our weaker and lazier moments. No responsible man, with an eager and active mind, spends much of his time on the newspapers.

There is also the Free School of King Edward VI., in New Street, a stately pile, built by Barry, before he had become so famous as he is now; which supplies first-rate instruction in classics, mathematics, modern languages, and all branches of a useful English education, after the plan introduced into our public schools by Dr.

In that case, he was to land such part of his cargo as was intended for the establishment, and to proceed to New Archangel with the supplies intended for the Russian post at that place, where he could receive peltries in payment. With these he was to return to Astoria; take in the furs collected there, and, having completed his cargo by trading along the coast, was to proceed to Canton.

Men coming back from the Front were pleading for real help, not men only, not Red Cross, not food and supplies, but for something more competent than mere man power to hold back the deluge. But over it all was that surface cheerfulness, that best-foot-forward attitude of London. And Sara Lee saw only that, and lost faith. She had come far to help.

The enemy also had cavalry operating in our rear, making it necessary to guard every point of the railroad back to Columbus, on the security of which we were dependent for all our supplies. Headquarters were connected by telegraph with all points of the command except Memphis and the Mississippi below Columbus.

It would be perhaps necessary for him to take them into his confidence, to degrade himself by speaking to them of the national affairs. They might not be satisfied with the honour of voting the supplies at his demand, but were capable of asking questions as to their appropriation. On the whole it was more king-like and statesman-like to remain quiet, and give advice.

Some of the sick and wounded were left at Grand Pre, others at Cobequid, and the Acadians were required to supply means of carrying the rest. It is preserved in the Archives de la Marine et des Colonies, and is printed in the documentary supplement of Le Canada Francais, Vol. II. It supplies the means of correcting many errors and much confusion in some recent accounts of the affair.

The first telegraph office we reach I must cable her under no circumstances to stir from home. Ahmed," he said aloud, "how far are we from the nearest telegraph station?" "Three days, Sahib." "Shall we be obliged to stop at the gate to change our mounts?" "No, Sahib; only to take supplies enough to last us." "Lose as little time as you can. Now drop the curtains, Bruce."

Mather, is not suspected by reading the entertaining story, for his name is not mentioned once. It is difficult, therefore, to judge how accurate the account of his stay at Fort Snelling really is. For the supplies and vegetables taken from the post gardens brought the gunwale of the canoe to within four inches of the water!

The political failure of the move led to considerable military embarrassments. Lee met with no defeat in arms, but his difficulties increased day by day. Believing that he would be operating among a friendly population he had given less thought than he would otherwise have done to the problem of supplies, supposing that he could obtain all he needed from the country.