Might I not find more benefit in the contemplation of that venerable pile with the full moon in the cloudless heaven shining so calmly above itwith that warm yellow lustre peculiar to an August nightand the mistress of my soul within, than in returning to my home, where all comparatively was light, and life, and cheerfulness, and therefore inimical to me in my present frame of mind,—and the more so that its inmates all were more or less imbued with that detestable belief, the very thought of which made my blood boil in my veinsand how could I endure to hear it openly declared, or cautiously insinuatedwhich was worse?—I had had trouble enough already, with some babbling fiend that would keep whispering in my ear, ‘It may be true,’ till I had shouted aloud, ‘It is false!

Peter recommended rum, so to please 'em he 'ad both. It brought 'is colour back, but not 'is cheerfulness. He gave 'em both the slip next morning; which was easy, as Ginger was wearing the locket, and, arter fust 'aving a long ride for nothing owing to getting in the wrong train, he got to Barnet. It was a big place; big enough to 'ave a dozen Orange Villas, but pore Sam couldn't find one.

"But there's the old gentleman, and Arden and Verbena!" Lorry's cheerfulness was not ruffled by this marshaling of the full and formidable Wilmot array. "It'd be a pleasure to Estelle to give them a shock, especially Verbena. Did you ever see Verbena's hands?" "I don't think so," replied Arthur; "but, of course, I've heard of them."

Momently expecting the attack, he maintained his courage and semblance of cheerfulness, with despair in his heart. His winter's work seemed annihilated, and it was probable that he should be obliged to raise the siege.

Now pardon me, my liege; 'tis not my wont To send my ladies, who have served me still With smiling cheerfulness, away in tears. Here, Mondecar. You have displeased the king, Not me. Take this remembrance of my favor, And of this hour. I'd have you quit the kingdom. You have only erred in Spain. In my dear France, All men are glad to wipe such tears away. And must I ever be reminded thus?

Of nutriment: Eat moderately of a well-cooked and well-balanced diet and drink freely of pure water. Of respiration: Breathe freely and deeply of pure air and spend a part of each day out of doors. Of nervous poise: Suppress wasteful and useless forms of nervous activity, avoid nervous strain, and practice cheerfulness. Of cleanliness: Keep the body and its immediate surroundings clean.

His courage and cheerfulness under depressing circumstances are so splendid to contemplate that some critics believe that in time his Letters may be regarded as his greatest literary work, for they are priceless in their unconscious revelation of a beautiful soul. Great as Stevenson was as a writer, he was still greater as a Man.

It was not all fun with my boy, however; he had his troubles, and in spite of his cheerfulness he knew what heartache was. Walking in the quaint garden of the Luxembourg one day, he confided to me the little romance of his life. A very touching little romance as he told it, with eloquent eyes and voice and frequent pauses for breath. I cannot give his words, but the simple facts were these:

'You would find it rather a bother to put on your beard, observed the lawyer. 'No, it's a false step; the sort of thing that hangs people, he continued, with eminent cheerfulness, as he sipped his brandy; 'and it can't be retraced now.

"But the berries will do to put in my bouquets for your two brothers who are coming to meet us," she said, as she seated herself on the sheepskin to rest a few minutes and to tie up her flowers. At these words Aaron's eyes filled, but he hastened to reply, with assumed cheerfulness: "In Balyika Glen we shall find a still more beautiful species of bear-berry.