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As good a lawyer, I believe, as we have in this part of the State. You do not mind meeting him?" "Er will he see me, Mr. Day?" "I will telephone to him at once. I assure you he will give you a hearing and thank you. Good day, Mr. Schrimpe." Although daddy could not leave his chair, Janice saw that he had a way of getting rid of visitors promptly when he wanted them to go. Mr.

And the lawyer felt a moment of sharp impatience, as business men are so often apt to feel in their dealings with women, when, in answer to his remark that Mere Bideau would be brought to her knees when she found her supplies cut off, Nancy, with tears running down her cheeks, cried out in protest: "Oh, Mr. Stephens, don't say that!

To the look of provocation and defiance which she flung him for the fraction of a second he returned a curiously leonine glare which went over her like a dash of cold water. It was not a hard look, however, merely urgent and full of meaning. She was the vagrom-minded wife of a prosperous lawyer who was absorbed in his business and in himself.

"Ah, yes, they're all ready," interrupted the lawyer, advancing to the table. "Tell your uncle that I shall be glad to hear from him again in reference to the subject of those papers; and take care of them they are of value. Good-morning!" "Good-morning!" replied our hero, retreating. "Stay!" said Moxton. Ned stopped, and turned round.

A year or two after the settlement of the family it began to be noticed that she was losing color and had an anxious look, and when a friendly old farmer saw her talking in the lane with a lawyer from Chattanooga, who wore broadcloth and had a gold watch, he was puzzled that the "city chap" did not go home with her, but kissed his hand to her as he turned away.

"I have already spoken of your affairs to an old friend of mine, who is an excellent lawyer. I am come to offer myself to you in place of your guardians on the other side of the world. You will do me a very great favor by frankly accepting a home in my house for the present. I have neither wife nor daughter; but Miss Carey is already there, preparing rooms for you and your little charge.

It has also given our higher national education an overwhelming direction towards the training of advocates and against science and constructive statecraft. An ordinary lawyer has no idea of making anything; that tendency has been destroyed in his mind; he waits and sees and takes advantage of opportunity.

Thus, I say, thou must wait upon thine Advocate. His ordinances are his post house, his ministers are his carriers, where tidings from heaven are to be had, and where those that are sued in that court by the devil may, at one time or another, hear from their lawyer, their advocate, how things are like to go. And now, soul, I have answered thy request, and let me hear what thou sayest unto me.

"You must pay this money, at any rate, the most considerable portion of it; the whole of it, indeed, with such deduction as a lawyer may be able to induce these hawks to make on the sight of the ready money. Perhaps £750 or £800 may see you clear of the whole affair." "But I have not a quarter of that sum lying by me."

"What do you want now?" demanded the lawyer, ungraciously. "I want you to see me and tell me if you are satisfied with my progress, sir," she said, boldly, as she had intended. "Humph! I receive reports from the woman who runs that school." "But you don't know how I look how much I've grown."