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My cousin and the lady in whose charge she is came up with me on Thursday, and will be leaving town the end of next week, and I should wish to escort them about while here. I will come on Monday morning ready for work. How had I better be dressed?" "I should say as a countryman.

It was Henry, and he was coming on swift foot. In an instant he was before them, and Paul knew by his look that he had news. "They are waiting?" said Paul. "Yes," replied Henry. "They are in the thickets at the ford, less than two miles ahead." Daniel Poe shuddered again for the five hundred lives in his charge and then his heart rose.

I don't know whether he began to think he might like the child, or whether he wished to make sure that it should never fall into its mother's hands; but, before he went, he intrusted me with the charge of bringing it home. And I did so. He went on, from this point, in a still more humble tone, and spoke in a very low voice; pointing to Ralph as he resumed.

They were only a small party, and I determined to charge upon them with my six men, rather than return to the command, because I feared they would see us as we went back and then they would get away from us entirely. I asked the men if they were willing to attempt it, and they replied that they would follow me wherever I would lead them.

Cheer up! Cheer up! Here we are, close alongside the frigate." The pressed men, with Ralph and Dick among them, were sent down to the lower deck, and placed under charge of a sentry.

At midday everything closes down churches, museums, shops; they do not open again till the good people in charge of them have had sufficient time for an ample meal two hours are considered sufficient. You will therefore find the cathedral closed to you until the vergers have dined.

Now when the father saw that there was no help for it, he provided his son with goods to the value of thirty thousand gold pieces and sent him with certain merchants in whom he trusted, committing him to their charge.

He told a gentleman, belonging to this depot, that he never saw, nor ever read, or heard of such a set of Devil-daring, God-provoking fellows, as these same Yankees. And he added, I had rather have the charge of five thousand Frenchmen, than FIVE HUNDRED of these sons of liberty; and yet, said he, I love the dogs better than I do the damn'd frog-eaters.

In an irritating tone he intimated that Douglas himself had changed his position on the question of submission, alluding to certain private conferences at Douglas's house; but as though bound by a pledge of secrecy, Bigler refrained from making the charge in so many words.

There was but one way in which Diane could have put herself right with him: she could have swept the charge aside, with a serene contemptuousness of denial. Had she done so, her assertion would have found his own eagerness to believe in her ready to meet it half-way. As it was, alas! her admissions had been damning. Where she acknowledged the smoke, there surely must have been the fire!

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