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You must understand that it is too cold to write much. ... It's a pity the luck doesn't come our way, because every detail of equipment is right. I shall not have suffered any pain, but leave the world fresh from harness and full of good health and vigour. Since writing the above we got to within 11 miles of our depot, with one hot meal and two days' cold food.

Man has impudent assurance enough for anything, and if Nature has been working at the perfection of an instrument for her purpose during a few score million years an instrument such as the mammalian mother, for instance man is quite prepared to invent social devices, such as the incubator, the crèche, the infant milk dépôt, and so forth; not merely to make the best of a bad case when the mother fails, but to supersede the mother altogether directly the baby is born.

The citizen soldiers hurried to the depôts for their arms and uniforms. In one district the rumour that mobilisation had been authorised was bruited abroad a day before the actual issue of the orders, and the depôt was besieged by the peasants who had rushed in from their farms.

From there he could see the depot carriage with a trunk on the back, and the driver looking expectantly at the house. He could hear voices on the steps below, but could see no one until, after a fourth ring, a gentleman and a young girl went slowly down the steps and stood looking back at the house. "It's that girl, and she's come a day too soon," gasped Arthur.

The temperature then fell, and remained for some days between -58° and -75° F. Personally we did not suffer at all, as we had good fur clothing, but with the dogs it was another matter. They grew lanker and lanker every day, and we soon saw that they would not be able to stand it in the long run. At our depot in lat. 80° we agreed to turn back and await the arrival of spring.

They'll be well treated, though; and if any of 'em likes to jine us, so much the better we're uncommon short-handed, one way and another. If they don't like to jine, they'll just be put ashore with you to work at the depot. And, see here, stranger, don't you go for to try on any tricks, either here or ashore, or it'll be awful bad for you.

Upon watering them when they arrived, I found that less impression was made upon the water than on the previous days; and after an anxious consultation with my overseer, I decided upon leaving the party in camp at Depot Pool until I could reconnoitre further north and return. August 1.

It took much lively stirring about to accomplish it, but the house was put in order, and Mrs. Thorne reached the depot in time for the eight o'clock train; the happy Joanna being dismissed to her home for a week, after carrying her mistress's satchel to the depot. Mrs.

"It's an old song," said Joan with a clear, ringing laugh. "One I shall never sing again. I'm tired of it. . . ." And the god in charge paused for a moment, and wondered if it was worth while. . . . "My hat!" remarked the Adjutant as Vane reported his return to the depot. "Can this thing be true? Giving up leave. . . ." Vane grinned, and seated himself on the edge of the table.

William Rathbone, and several other persons, to show the state of the neighbourhood in which I resided, and to show them the thousands whom we were feeding at the depôt, While we were going round a person told me, 'There is a house that has been locked up two or three days. It was a cabin in a narrow alley.