Snummitt! she sez and all of a twitter she was too, 'dear Mrs. Snummitt, sez she, 'I'm a-going away on a journey, she sez, 'but before I go, she sez, 'I should like to kiss you good-by, me being so lonesome, she sez. Which kiss me she did, sir, and likewise wep' a couple o' big tears over me, pore soul, and then, run away into 'er dark little attic and locked 'erself in, and done it!"

"You speak of Columbine as if she were just a bit of amber or such-like as you'd found on the shore and picked up and put in your pocket. You speak as if she's your property to do what you like with. That's just what she is not. You're making love to her. I know it. I seen it. And it's got to stop." He spoke with blunt force; his hands were suddenly locked upon each other in a hard grip.

Then her faculties, that had been suddenly dispersed by the shock, as suddenly rallied to her rescue. In one moment she understood her real position. Black Donald had locked her in with himself and held the key so she could not hope to get out. The loudest scream that she might utter would never reach the distant chamber of Major Warfield, or the still more remote apartment of Mrs.

This desk was always kept locked, and Bert had many a time, when alone in the room, gone up to it, and passed his hand over its polished surface, thinking to himself how nice it would be if the package of lozenges was in his pocket instead of shut up in there where nobody could get at it.

By the exercise of that self-restraint which long suffering had taught her, Stephen so managed to control herself that none of her guests realised what a blow she had received from a casual word. She bore herself gallantly till the last moment. After the old fashion of her youth, she had from the Castle steps seen their departure. Then she took her way to her own room, and locked herself in.

In vain they protested; their brutal guards forced them, a hundred and forty-six in number, into the narrow space, and locked the door upon them. It was one of the hottest nights of the year; there was but one small opening in the wall, and before long the want of air and the intense heat drove the poor people to fury.

I went out and around to the rear of the house, where the corral was, to get my horse, but found the gate fastened with chains and securely locked. The corral walls were built of adobe, and the two walls of it were a continuation of the side walls of the house, and its end wall formed an enclosure or backyard.

Still they broke it in spirit; by charms and prayers they set on Guttorm their half-brother, and so at dead of night, while Gudrun held the bravest man alive fast locked in her white arms, the murderer stole to the bedside and drove a sword through the hero.

And the cardinal foamed with rage. "You are making a fool of yourself," said she. "Go away, you'll tire yourself." "I shall be pope, and you shall pay for this!" "Then you are no longer disposed to obey me?" "What can I do this evening to please you?" "Get out." And she sprang lightly like a wagtail into her room, and locked herself in, leaving the cardinal to storm that he was obliged to go.

"It isn't locked," Jack insisted, but when he tried to open it he found the knob immovable. "Maybe it is a dead latch," suggested Rosalind. "He is trying, Belle, really." "Are you sure you can't open it from the inside?" Jack asked anxiously. "Yes. I can turn the key both ways, but something holds the knob." Belle's voice was tremulous. "I am dreadfully sorry.