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The work came to an end at last, and an imposing-looking package lay on the floor ready for transport. Fraulein Rottenmeier looked at it with satisfaction, lost in the consideration of the art of packing. Clara eyed it too with pleasure, picturing Heidi's exclamations and jumps of joy and surprise when the huge parcel arrived at the hut.

The small package contained trifles of sewing and knitting materials she was going to take to Mrs. Welden, and she held out her hand for it. She knew she did not smile quite naturally as she said her good-morning to Tewson. She went out into the pale amber sunshine and stood a few moments, glad to find herself bathed in it again. She suddenly needed air and light. "A sad reward!"

Merchants blamed the freight cost for the high price of everything from coal to a package of needles. I laid the blame for our predicament on Huey Dunn. But Ida Mary thought it went farther back than that. It was the fault of the government! Women should not be allowed to file on land. Regardless of where the blame lay, we were now reduced to a state of self-preservation.

Take, and read them all; I intended to show them to you, as soon as we had got through with that cursed discussion" As Sir Gervaise concluded, he threw the whole package of letters on the table, before his friend. "It will be time enough, when you summon me regularly to a council of war," returned Bluewater, laying the letters gently aside.

This package he now handed to Gonzaga, who, with a final word of instruction to the sentry touching the finding of raiment for the messenger, stepped out to go his errand. But outside the door he paused, and called the sentry to him again. "Here is a ducat for you," he whispered. "Do my bidding and you shall have more.

"'Here they are, I said, handing them to her. "She took them with feverish haste, saying in an undertone, "'There ought to be twenty-four. "And, without thinking of the insult, she went to work counting them. "'They are all here, she said when she had finished. "Then, drawing a little package from her bosom, she added, "'And here are yours. "But she did not give them to me.

"It's a pretty day," he said. "I'd like to take you to drive after dinner, if you will go with me. I hated like smoke to miss that ride yesterday." She shook hands with him and then turned to Worthy, who was tying the package with a piece of twine drawn from a ball in a holder at the ceiling.

I have little doubt it was the purser, who had taken all valuables from his safe and was transferring them to the charge of the first-class purser, in the hope they might all be saved in one package. That is why I said above that perhaps the envelope containing my money was not in the safe at the bottom of the sea: it is probably in a bundle, with many others like it, waterlogged at the bottom.

She took her old seat and looked through the yellow eyes of the fire-dogs for inspiration; opened a package and distributed small presents, little Japanese umbrellas, fans, doll's shoes and such small change of popularity; and, at last, obeying the cries for more story, she went on with the history of Princess Lovely in her Cocoanut Island, besieged by whales and defended by talking elephants and monkeys.

"By Jove!" cried Featherstone, as he read the above, "this is really getting to be something tremendous." "This other package must be the manuscript," said Oxenden, "and it'll tell all about it." "Such a manuscript'll be better than meat," said the doctor, sententiously. Melick said nothing, but, opening his knife, he cut the cords and unfolded the wrapper.