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When I want gloves, the shopman ought to understand his business sufficiently well to know better than I do what particular kind of gloves I ought to be wearing, and what is a fair price for them. I don't see why I should teach him what is in fashion and what is not. A doctor does not ask you what kind of operation you want and what price you will pay for it.

Thy noble master is dust long ago, and I would that Telemachus were lying with him. As for thee, I will one day cast thee bound into a ship, and sell thee across the seas for a great price." With that he left them, and stepped briskly out towards the house, while Odysseus and Eumæus followed more slowly.

"I travel a' ower the toon," said Sandy, "frae Tootles Nook to Culloden, an' frae the Skemels to Cairnie Toll. It disna maitter a doakan to me wha I sell till. Seven pund to the half-steen, an' cash doon thae's my principles; the same price, and the game turn o' the bawk, to gentle and simple.

"Your presence brings before us our own past, bitter in its experience, but glorious in its history. We once had apostles of liberty on whose heads a price was set, who were hunted by tyranny from their homes, and threatened with expulsion from civilized life. That day of oppression and anxiety with us is ended.

"Pray don't tax your memory, Price; it's something like our country, past all further taxation." "That's the severest thing you've said since we've sailed together. You're out of humour, doctor. Well, you know what Shakespeare says: `There never yet was found a philosopher' something about the toothache. I forget the words."

Readers deep in Greek dramatic writings will see the fatal Sisters behind the chair of a man who gives frequent and bigger dinners, that he may become important in his neighbourhood, while decreasing the price he pays for his wine, that he may miserably indemnify himself for the outlay. A sip of his wine fetched the breath, as when men are in the presence of the tremendous elements of nature.

Crookes dared not buy, dared not purchase the wheat to make good his promises of delivery, for fear of putting up the price on himself higher still. Dismayed, chagrined, and humiliated, he and his clique sat back inert, watching the tremendous reaction, hoping against hope that the market would break again. But now it became difficult to get wheat at all. All of a sudden nobody was selling.

They made the enemy pay a high price in blood for the success of his counter-attack, but we lost many thousands of brave fellows, and the joy bells which had rung in London on November 20th became sad and ironical music in the hearts of our disappointed people.

Then she said, "He is not fit to die." There was silence for a moment, broken only by the entreaties, the prayers, of the wretch on the floor. At last Barbaroux spoke. "She has said rightly," he pronounced. "He shall live. They have put us out of the law and set a price on our heads; but we will keep the law. He shall live.

"Two dollars and a half a DAY!" shouted he. "Why, I understood the price to be two dollars and a half a WEEK, and supposed that half a doubloon would pay the whole debt." He seemed quite indignant at "the imposition," and indulged in severe remarks on the character of the woman with whom I boarded.