For a moment, as he came upon the stage, the horror which he had wrought upon himself his ghastly eye-sockets, his blood-stained face was visible; and then a gust of wind lifted his mantle and flung it about his head so that all was concealed; and an exquisite pity for him was aroused while he struggled painfully to rid himself of the encumbrance by the imposition of that petty annoyance upon his mortal agony of body and of soul.

I found there a rich Mulatto with whom I had been acquainted for years, but who was so chained by the Garrisonian imposition, that although I walked several times some miles from Philadelphia to teach him in his house, how our master had decreed to deliver slaves by co-operation of slaveholders themselves, the rich Mulatto had never time to study our message of Peace, although he seemed to burn with great zeal for redeeming slaves, and he and his wife had superabundance of time to attend antislavery meetings and conventions and to perform all prescriptions of "the Garrisonian Liberator."

As in the case of the vow of poverty, there certainly can be no reasonable objection to the individual adoption of celibacy, if one is either disinclined to marriage or feels that he can do better work unmarried. But neither Scripture nor reason justifies the imposition of celibacy upon any man, nor the view that a life of continence is holier than marriage.

In short, a most delightful evening is passed, only interrupted by a difference between two juniors, who, quarrelling about the probable amount of Mr Carker's late receipts per annum, defy each other with decanters, and are taken out greatly excited. Soda water is in general request at the office next day, and most of the party deem the bill an imposition.

"Now, my dear," her husband remonstrated, "I have been a great deal in the relief-rooms, and I believe there are no unnecessary questions asked only such as are imperative to prevent imposition." "The things don't belong to them any more than they do to me." "Perhaps not as much. They were sent to the destitute, such as you, so you shouldn't mind asking for your own," the doctor argued.

Nothing like meanness tarnished the lustre of his youth, nor had the worm of selfishness lurked in the unfolding bud, even while he had been the dupe of others. Yet he tardily acquired the experience necessary to guard him against future imposition.

The remedial measures which might immediately present themselves to the mind of a modern economist, who was unfettered by a belief in free trade or in the legitimacy of securing the cheapest labour available, are the prohibition of, or restrictions on, the importation of slaves, and the imposition of a duty on foreign corn.

He railed against the Government, which, he said, was priest-ridden under the whip of Mazarin; the imbecility of the police; and the apathy of the citizens, who bore so peaceably such glaring acts of injustice and imposition. He poured out a volume of calumny against the priesthood, and blasphemed so as to cast a chill of terror through his less impious hearers.

Lander took up the shirts again, and made another examination. "What is the price of them?" she asked. "Seventy-five cents." "Apiece?" "Yes, ma'am." "Seventy-five cents apiece!" "I have never received less than that, and some for whom I sew always pay me a dollar." "Seventy five cents! It is an imposition.

The imposition of such a condition was successfully resisted; but at the same period the question was presented of imposing restrictions upon the residue of the territory ceded by France. That question was for the time disposed of by the adoption of a geographical line of limitation.