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Excuse us one moment, Mr Newland." The major and Lady Maelstrom walked to the window and exchanged a few sentences, and then returned. Her ladyship holding up her finger, and saying to him as they came towards me, "Promise me now that you won't forget." "Your ladyship's slightest wishes are to me imperative commands," replied the major, with a graceful bow.

He was as little critical as ardent young men are apt to be of the statements of captivating young women, and Rachel's spirits rose as she saw that the worst she had to fear from this enemy was an excess of devotioni. The story of her aunt at Murfreesboro received unhesitating acceptance, and nothing but imperative scouting orders prevented his escorting her to the town.

The real practical needs in the matter are a properly worked-out method, a proper set of school books, and then a progressive alteration of examinations in English, to render that method and that set of school books imperative. These are needs the schoolmaster and schoolmistress can do amazingly little to satisfy.

But the necessity of an advance was imperative. Although the attempt of the Congo Free State to establish a permanent foothold in the upper Nile basin had been checked by England, France was striving to extend her territorial possessions straight across from Senegal to Jibutil, on the Gulf of Aden. Major Marchand had left Paris secretly in 1896 with this mission.

"Now, my dear," her husband remonstrated, "I have been a great deal in the relief-rooms, and I believe there are no unnecessary questions asked only such as are imperative to prevent imposition." "The things don't belong to them any more than they do to me." "Perhaps not as much. They were sent to the destitute, such as you, so you shouldn't mind asking for your own," the doctor argued.

McClellan, and even the administration, seem not to realize that pure military considerations cannot fulfil the imperative demands of the political situation. October 6th. I met McClellan; had with him a protracted conversation, and could look well into him.

"Yes, and wear out her young heart here in solitude for the next ten years, and then learn when her beauty and her youth are gone . But no, Mr. Fitzgerald; I will not allow myself to contemplate such a prospect either for her or for you. Under the lamentable circumstances which you have now told me it is imperative that this match should be broken off.

I admit that when the ball is hit in this way the shot is made rather difficult though not so difficult as it looks and, of course, it is not absolutely imperative that this method should be followed.

"Well, I think I've done enough for one night," he observed, cheerfully and loudly, as he thrust his spade into the ground and took his coat from a neighbouring bush. He turned to go indoors and, knowing his wife's objection to dirty boots, made for the door near the kitchen. As he passed the drawing-room window, however, a low but imperative voice pronounced his name. "Yes, my dear," said Mr.

These two thoughts were so closely intertwined in his mind that they formed but a single one there; both were equally absorbing and imperative and ruled his slightest actions. In general, they conspired to regulate the conduct of his life; they turned him towards the gloom; they rendered him kindly and simple; they counselled him to the same things. Sometimes, however, they conflicted.

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