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In the mean time he determined to watch the behaviour of Maria with severe vigilance. They met at dinner, and he observed her closely, but discovered not the smallest impropriety in her conduct.

How splendid it is that in time this is recognized. The immortal soul of the artist is in his work, the transient and mortal one is in his conduct. Another sonnet from Oscar Wilde to Portia this time is the first document that I find in connection with "The Merchant," as the play was always called by the theater staff.

Their Captaines or Colonels were Diego Pimentelli, Don Francisco de Toledo, Don Alonco de Lucon, Don Nicolas de Isla, Don Augustin de Mexia; who had eche of them 32. companies vnder their conduct. Besides the which companies there were many bands also of Castilians and Portugals, euery one of which had their peculiar gouernours, captaines, officers, colours and weapons.

"That's ditto repated," responded Jemmy; "you're improvrn' but tell me now do you know any one that he harrished?" "Who did you ever know that he harrished, i' you please?" "Look at the Daltons," replied the other; "what do you call his conduct to them?"

But usually you received a whispered "Oui, madame," in reply, and then you loudly asked the way to somewhere, and the man would conduct you up a side street, pointing the way with his finger. When no one was looking he slipped a tiny folded parcel into your hand, you slipped a coin into his, and the ceremony was over.

"Well, if you come to that, there are things in YOUR conduct I could wish explained." "There! I said so. You have not confidence in me." "Pray don't say that, dear Rose. I have every confidence in you; only please don't ask me to divest myself of my senses and my reason." "I don't ask you to do that or anything else for me; good-by, for the present." "Where are you going now? tic! tic!

The less you observe, the less you reflect, the less you put yourself in the paths of adventure and experience, the less you will have to say, and the more impossible will it be to read your work. Never notice people's manner, conduct, nor even dress, in real life. Walk through the world with your eyes and ears closed, and embody the negative results in a story or a poem.

Johnsbury, in Vermont, conduct a large establishment, where every married employe owns a house in the village, almost an Eden for beauty and order, which has grown up around these remote but remarkable scale works. Similarly, the Cranes at Dalton, in Massachusetts; Messrs. Brown, Sharpe and Co., at Providence, Rhode Island; Mr. Hazard at Peacedale, Narragansett; and last, not least, Col.

The gentleman, surprised at the conduct of Father Francis, believed his silence to be a bad omen to him; and that he had nothing else to expect but an unhappy death, and a more unhappy eternity.

She was talking in her sleep, and I heard your name nothing more. Perhaps I ought not to have mentioned it? Perhaps I ought not to expect you to answer me?" "There is no harm in my answering you," said Amelius. "The dream really had something to do with her trusting me. You may not think quite so unfavourably of her conduct now you know that."