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An instance of this was shown on one occasion when he was dining alone with Sir John Millais at the latter's splendid residence. "I suppose," said Millais, waving his hand in the direction of the disappearing flunkeys after dinner, "you think all this very Sir Gorgius Midas-y? To me it is merely respectable."

Hastings he's our confidential clerk now, and we all say that he'll be partner one of these days, as sure as guns. We all went to the wedding, every one of us, cash boys and all; then we all went to Mr. Stephens', and had just the grandest kind of a dinner with the brides and grooms. And Dr. Birge and Mr. Ryan they toasted them." "Wine or brandy?" interposed the gentleman, slily.

It's so late you won't want much, for we have dinner immediately after church. I suppose you wouldn't feel like going over to the service?" "Service?" the young man drawled almost insolently. "Yes, service is at eleven. Would you care to go over? I could assist you." "Naw, I shouldn't care to go," he answered rudely, "I'm pulling out of here as soon as I can get that machine of mine running.

Bazalgette is allowed by both sexes to be the most delightful, amiable woman in the county, and will carry that reputation to her grave. Fountain is "the jolliest old buck ever went on two legs." I myself would rather meet twelve such agreeable humbugs six of a sex at dinner than the twelve apostles, and so would you, though you don't know it.

A society of Frenchmen having their annual dinner, the watchman in the block told me. There at last was my chance. I went up the steps and rang the bell. A flunkey in a dress-suit opened, but when he saw that I was not a guest, but to all appearances a tramp, he tried to put me out. I, on my part, tried to explain. There was an altercation, and two gentlemen of the society appeared.

"Yes, I think so; that is to say, for a couple of months six weeks. I have some arrangements to make, but I will speak to you about all that after dinner." With these words John left the room, and he left his mother agitated and frightened. "What can he mean by having arrangements to make?" she asked.

Violet was especially happy in being able to talk of home just now, when she was continually hearing of Albert's marriage, and the arrangements consequent thereon, and would have felt it blank, indeed, to have no one but Sarah to share her interest. Uncle Christopher went to the wedding, and was invited to dinner in Cadogan-place the Sunday after his return.

Blackburne's, came home and so to bed, not well, and very ill all night. 10th. I had a great deal of pain all night, and a great loosing upon me so that I could not sleep. In the morning I rose with much pain and to the office. I went and dined at home, and after dinner with great pain in my back I went by water to Whitehall to the Privy Seal, and that done with Mr.

They talked among themselves, washed their dishes after the dinner and then shot at a target with a small rifle, which sent out real bullets. The boys Bert, Freddie and Laddie liked this part very much. "It certainly looks like the real thing," was Bert's remark. "And the best part of it is, everything is so new and clean." "It makes me feel hungry to look at 'em eat," was Laddie's comment.

My great-aunt asked me to dinner, and when I went I found the foolish young man and his father present, together with my grandfather, who formally introduced him to me as my future husband, and begged me to fix the wedding day.