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When the time for toasts arrived and, after the usual routine, the Colonel proposed the health of their honoured guest of the evening, Sir Reginald interposed with a courteous request that that of their other guest might be coupled with his, and the dual toast was drunk with acclamations.

He was about to wrap the thing up again when the girl interposed. "Let it lie there whilst you tell me; it will bring things nearer to me. I am not afraid of it poor, poor creature. Tell me all you know tell me the worst. I am not a young lady for the moment, please, just a person listening."

But Gurth interposed, and with his clear eye serenely shining with virtuous passion, he stood betwixt monk and king. "O thou," he exclaimed, "with the words of religion on thy lips, and the devices of fraud in thy heart, hide thy front in thy cowl, and slink back to thy master.

When they stepped from the escalator, the hall was crowded with office people, gabbling excitedly in groups; they all stopped talking as soon as they saw what was coming. In the division chief's outer office three or four girls jumped to their feet; one of them jumped into the bulk of Marshal Fane, which had interposed itself between her and the communication screen.

He heard my story in full. He wrote personally to the king. To-day I am free. I have had to walk from Milan, almost. I had little money. That letter of credit so you call it? is with my cousin in Sorrento." "How much will you need to get to Rome?" "Hold on, Jack," interposed Merrihew. "I'll take care of the financial end.

"It's too hot," interposed Gerald quickly. The others said nothing, but with the child's keen instinct for the drama, had drawn aside in favour of the principal actors. Gerald stood by the stake, leaning indolently on his mallet, his long black lashes down-cast over the dark pallor of his cheeks, very handsome, very graceful. Bobby had drawn near on Celia's other side.

'That's all right, said John, after contemplating his visitor's proceedings with infinite satisfaction. 'Now, about our plans. You are going to stay with me, of course. Where's your box? 'It's at the Inn, said Tom. 'I didn't intend 'Never mind what you didn't intend, John Westlock interposed. 'What you DID intend is more to the purpose.

"It is strange, but neither do I recollect meeting with you," observed Valentine, raising her beautiful eyes to the count. "But I remember it perfectly," interposed the darling Edward. "I will assist your memory, madame," continued the count; "the day had been burning hot; you were waiting for horses, which were delayed in consequence of the festival.

There needs no masquerading to-day." "Joseph, what ails thee?" interposed the sweet voice of Miriam. "What hast thou done? Where hast thou been?" "Art thou here, Miriam?" His eyes became conscious of her for the first time. "Would thou hadst been there with me!" "Where?" "At St. Peter's. Oh, the heavenly music!" "At St. Peter's!" repeated Rachel hoarsely.

Serjeant-major Pinkey now very properly interposed; and as every one had taken what was at least quite sufficient, the things were removed, and we began to look at our watches, which showed us that time was gliding pretty quickly away, and that we ought to recommence our march.