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I thought at first that he had been seized with a spasm of physical anguish, by the drawn expression of his face; then it dawned upon me that his suffering was mental. "Yes, I dare say they are all there," he said, lifting his voice somewhat. "I can hear them see them! Do you know," he went on, excitedly, "all day long, all night long, I seem to have corpses all about me.

Bobby's face had been growing longer and longer as the Assistant Commissioner proceeded. When Mr. Crane mentioned the letter Bobby could not restrain an exclamation. "A letter?" he asked excitedly. "What letter?" "This," said the Assistant Commissioner, handing him the note that Clancey and he had previously seen. Bobby took it eagerly and read Once more I fear I am causing you unhappiness.

I can only grieve within my soul, and fret and sulk. At night my head buzzes with the rush of my thoughts and I cannot sleep.... Ah! If I were young!" Ivan Ivanich walked excitedly up and down the room and repeated: "If I were young." He suddenly walked up to Aliokhin and shook him first by one hand and then by the other.

I sold my best table to a general, which gave me a lot of confidence, but my greatest triumph was a hat-rack. It was a barren, gaunt-looking affair, like a leafless tree in winter, but it was mahogany, and it was old. Two ladies who were excitedly buying tables spied it, and exclaimed in rapture. I rose to the occasion: "That is the most unusual piece I have," I unblushingly gushed.

The younger man, looking back from his place beside him, turned to listen, confronted by the sudden excited comments of a middle-aged woman, obviously Parisian, on the arm of a lean and solemn man with dyed and waxed mustachios. "You're quite wrong," cried the young Chicagoan, excitedly. "It's young Lady Boxspur the new English beauty. See, they're crowding out to get a glimpse of her!"

Above the clatter of the Dewey's engines the gunners forward could hear the electrician talking excitedly to Lieutenant McClure. "Listen, listen, other ships are coming up," Smith was shouting. "I can hear their propellers. That's the fellow we missed moving off there on our port quarter. You can hear at least two more here in the starboard microphone.

But our indignation had grown hotter with the shake-up that we had just had, and as usual Jack was spokesman for it: "Maybe there is no occasion for alarm," he said excitedly, "but will you be kind enough to answer my question, and tell us what you're about and where we are going?" And Henry, too, who was ordinarily as mute as a clam, broke out still more hotly: "See here!

At length the chipmunk makes a dash for the thicket ten feet away and his "chip, chip," rings out excitedly as he reaches the friendly shelter. The chipmunk is not the only woods creature preparing for winter during the hottest days of August. For more than a week the flying squirrel has been making the small mossy cup acorns rain down on the roof of the bungalow.

On some of the garments were metal trimmings. "They look like silver," said George, excitedly; "and what is this? It seems to be silver," as he brushed a bracelet-like piece of ornamentation with the sleeve of his coat. As they advanced new articles came in sight; a bench; a veritable chair, or couch, the covering of which was there merely to give it form, but the substance had gone.

"We are not safe a minute!" "You shall be!" Polly burst out excitedly. "I'm going to tell Mr. Randolph everything about it!" "Polly! Polly!" Miss Sterling laid a quieting hand on her shoulder. The girl threw it off. Then she caught it to her lips and kissed it passionately. "I can't bear it! I can't bear it!" she cried. "To think of you all in such danger! You don't know what she'll do!"

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