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The art, viewed in this light, shows how comparatively little the merely mechanical part of it, the agility of the legs and body, contributes to the accomplishment of the dancer; however necessary that also is. We might soon form a dancer, if the art consisted only in his being taught to shake his legs in cadence, to ballance his body, or to move his arms unmeaningly.

Just as we cannot see a man behind a curtain, and yet may practically see him by watching the movements of his form as he presses up against the curtain, so may we see the Will by watching it as it presses up against the living curtain of the forms of life.

But when he found us there, the king deprived us of the boats in which we had gone, and refused to receive the letter, which went under form of embassy, or to hear us unless we first restored the ships.

Sometimes, indeed, he riled me up to sitch an extent that there wasn't much pretence about it; but thank God! my hand has been held back." "Yes, thank God for that; and now I must go to him," said Betty, rising hastily and hurrying back to the Indian village. In a darkened tent, on a soft couch of deerskins, the dying form of Buxley, alias Stalker, lay extended.

In sending out the matter in book form, some alterations and additions have been, as usual, found advisable for completeness.

And as she stood there in the torchlight she seemed to have grown old of a sudden, and her face was gray and lined, while her long white hands worked as they fell at her side. But not another word did she say, though her lips seemed to form somewhat, and in her eyes was written most terrible hate and anger.

Many also favored the United States, but while the republican form of government and the probability of commercial advantages were attractions, the existence of slavery and of prejudice against the colored race inspired misgivings.

He comprehended that the volley they had received had emptied every Rebel gun. The distance was so short that the enemy could be reached before they had time to re-load. But no time must be lost in attempting to form, or in having the order regularly given by the Colonel.

The virtuous man and the wicked man act from motives equally necessary: they differ simply in their organization in the ideas they form to themselves of happiness: we love the one necessarily we detest the other from the same necessity.

In the large, clear blue eyes, though in form and colour exactly similar, there was wanting that misty, dreamy depth of expression; all was clear, bold, and bright, but with a light wholly of this world: the beautifully cut mouth had a proud and somewhat sarcastic expression, while an air of free-and-easy superiority sat not ungracefully in every turn and movement of his fine form.