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It followed perhaps unreasonably enough that Richard, some five minutes later, drove round the angle of the house and drew the mail-phaeton up at the foot of the gray, griffin-guarded flight of steps whereon Madame de Vallorbes, wrapped in furs, the cavalier hat and its trailing plumes shadowing the upper part of her face and her bright hair, awaited his coming in a rather defiant humour.

Usually there is a bright glittering sheen in them which contrasts with the dead look in the irides of sexual excess or profuse uterine discharges." The activity of the glandular secretions, and especially those of the skin, during detumescence, would lead us to expect that such secretory activity is an index to an aptitude for detumescence.

He had brought a little camp-stool with him to rest on till they came, for he still had to save his strength and walk through life carefully. A flush of excitement was on his thin cheeks, and his eyes were bright and eager as they looked along the road; for this was a surprise he had planned for them.

She hoped for a future now; for if there was a future for her, there would be one for him, and then her day would come, and where he was there she would be also. Oh, sweet mockery, old and unsubstantial thought, bright dream set halowise about the dull head of life! Who has not dream it, but who can believe in it? And yet, who shall say that it is not true?

Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes bright, and the soft little ringlets curled over her temples in a manner most bewitching. Oh, how grand the dining-room looked to the girl who had never seen anything finer than the parson's house in the country village.

We four were to be conjunct editors, and, what was the main point of the concern, to print our own works; while, by every rule of arithmetic that flatterer of credulity the adventure must succeed and bring great profit. Well, well: it was a bright vision. I went home that morning walking upon air.

We have three equestriennes and a tight-rope dancer staying with us, and he makes love to them all. He's not been sober not noticeably for the last six weeks. I still keep up the bright badinage, but it sometimes seems artificial. It's wearing thin. Everything's wearing thin. Very thin. Oh Lukie!" "Listen," said Luke resolutely. "I'm going to be noble.

And with her thought of him, her tooth was at her underlip, she struggled abashed, in hesitation over men's views of her sex, and how to bring a frank mind to meet him; to be sure of his not at heart despising; until his character swam defined and bright across her scope.

The bright green of the grasses sets off the dull green and bronze of the steadfast harps of the beach.

"Yes," he replied, "I have a most important reason. But you are not looking so bright as usual, Philippa. Are you not well?" "The weather is too warm for one to look bright," she said, "much sunshine always tires me. Sit down here, Norman; my room looks cool enough, does it not?"