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"May I ask, senor," said Antonio, with some hesitation, "may I ask what you are searching after in all these books?" The old man raised his head, with an expression of surprise, at having his studies interrupted for the first time, and by so intrusive a question.

I know not; at least I have nowhere encountered the result of their labours. But now I sat still behind the great chair and listened without doubt or hesitation. Yet how long I could have controlled myself I know not, for his Grace made light of scruples that night and set bounds at nought.

"Upon my word," said he, "any one would judge from my hesitation that I had some wrong motive in acting as I am doing, but I never give bad advice, and any one will tell you the same about me, and this is the breviary by which I regulate all my actions." As he spoke, he took a book from his desk, and waved it aloft. Norbert looked puzzled and angry. "What do you mean?" asked he.

I see you are tired and hungry. Come! they have the easiest chairs yonder, and are the soul of hospitality!" The offer was tempting. Why not accept it? My hesitation lasted exactly three seconds. At the end of that time, I was riding beside Mohun in the direction of Five Forks, which we reached just as I terminated my account of myself since Mohun and I had parted in the Wilderness.

After a moment's hesitation McCarthy thrust forward a single yellow paper, and Darrow read aloud in spite of the boss' warning gesture: "McCarthy: The sign has been sent you and sent your people. You are stubborn, but it shall not avail you. You must go; and within twenty-four hours. It will not avail you unless you go. The Celtic leaves to-morrow at noon. You must go on that ship.

"Why on earth do you want to stroll over here when you've got two thousand acres on every other blessed side of you?" When the other's reply came there was a curious hesitation about it. "Well, a man has his fancies, you know. I've taken a liking to this path through the willows." "All the same I warn you that if you keep it up, you'll very likely run into trouble.

Jarvis to spend the rest of the evening alone, with a big cigar in his mouth and an unaccustomed feeling of levity in his head. Arnold, after a moment's hesitation, walked slowly back to his empty rooms. So this was success! Without a friend in the world, without training or any practical knowledge of life, his feet were firmly planted upon the ladder.

These gentlemen assured him that the well promised to be a rich one; that the signs of oil were remarkably good, and that they had no hesitation in agreeing with Bob, as they had done, to supply anything which might be needed to open the well. Thus, even before he had seen the property, Mr. Gurney believed that his son was in a fair way to enrich himself through his deed of charity.

Indeed, there were men who predicted that the two-dollar mark would be reached before Christmas, for the Clique of speculators who held the floor were buying, buying, buying millions upon millions of dollars were slipping through their ready hands, and still there was no hesitation, no weakening.

An idea striking her, she begged them all to stay and have a late supper with her; after which Mr. Cooper and Mollie, being musical, might give the others an impromptu concert a plan to which, after a little decent hesitation, the trio assented gaily.

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