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He believes in them all without a suspicion of doubt, but, knowing our wonted thoughtless scepticism, will frequently say he does not, as the easiest way of avoiding a useless discussion and condemnation of established facts.

"Another whispered command was passed from man to man, and we all had to lie down on the soil. A moment afterward we were thus making our way to the above-mentioned ditches and trenches. It is neither the easiest nor the quickest way to move, but undoubtedly the safest, for an occasional enemy somewhere on the hills at the farther end of the field would not possibly be able to detect us.

The gladiolus, owing to the large size of the blooms and its open character, is one of the easiest plants to pollinate artificially. Healthy vigorous plants should be selected for seed bearers, and the bloom spike supported with a firm stake.

"I am the most docile of men and the easiest of invalids. I will ride under Captain Kidd's flag and salute the standard of the Grand Turk, to be near Vincent just now." When Rosalind's colored aids had placed him in the big family carriage, and he had bidden Mrs. Raines farewell, the young lady resumed: "Ah, I know you! Vincent has told me about your Yankee ways. Not another word, sir.

I have not possessed enough of the eagle in my character to make a direct flight to the loftiest altitudes in the social world, and I certainly never endeavoured to reach those heights by using the creeping powers of the reptile who, in ascending, generally chooses the dirtiest path, because it is the easiest. Eub.

"Well, when I'd got everything Hannah had in her safe I had a burning desire to have a look at Mr. Kenneth Raymond myself. So this afternoon I went to his office " "Pat!" cried Joan. "Oh! Pat, how could you?" "Easiest thing in the world, my lamb. You see, the chance of viewing a human being with one fortune in his pocket and another coming to him when Mrs.

Temporary officials have eager eyes fixed on the Mexican grants. At all the landings and along the new roads, once trails, little settlements are springing up, for your unlucky argonaut turns to the nearest avocation; inns, stables, lodging-houses and trading-tents are waited on by men of every calling and profession. Each wanderer turns to the easiest way of amassing wealth.

Chad could always take in the easiest way in the world any ingenious suggestion. "I see. But can I help it? I'm too decent." "Yes, you're too decent!" Strether heavily sighed. And he felt for the moment as if it were the preposterous end of his mission. It ministered for the time to this temporary effect that Chad made no rejoinder. But he spoke again as they came in sight of the station.

Wherefore I beg him as a favor, and summon him, once and many times, to depart in this fleet belonging to the king, our lord, or, better, to his majesty together with all the people of his highness, inasmuch as this tends to the latter's service; for this is the easiest and best remedy, to depart from our conquest, and observe, at least, in part, the treaty.

It is in the third satire that his peculiar gift of vivid painting finds its best and easiest scope.