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"I'm wondering that myself," said the little man, meekly. "Ah! You can stay here," said the boy, suddenly arousing from his apathy. "No," replied Uncle John, "the Merricks are out of Elmhurst now, and it returns to its rightful owners. You owe me nothing, my lad." "But I like you," said Kenneth, "and you're old and homeless. Stay at Elmhurst, and you shall always be welcome."

It is probable that the joy which filled Mr Stuart's heart, in consequence of being reconciled to Kenneth, and having induced his brother-in-law to promise to consider the possibility of forgiving Bella, was the cause of a favourable turn in his malady. At all events he did recover, to the surprise of every one, and the utter discomfiture of the doctors who had given him up!

I was in it last winter. I was Mercury." "Oh, can you do trick work on bicycles?" "Yes, a little," said Kenneth modestly. "I wish you'd come out and be Mercury in our play." "Aren't you going ahead rather fast, Patty, child?" said her father. "Your club hasn't decided to use this play yet."

Kenneth had sent word to Tom Gates, asking the young man to come to Elmhurst, but it was not until two days after the lawn party that Tom appeared and asked permission to see Mr. Forbes. Beth and Louise were with Kenneth at the time, and were eager to remain during the interview, so the young man was shown into the library.

"Right!" he said, and her right hand slowly opened and showed the shining coin. "Were you going to take me, anyway?" asked Kenneth, as they walked off together. "And why did you turn down poor Van Reypen? He was awfully cut up." "Ken Harper, do you mean to insinuate that I didn't play fair?" "Yes, my lady, just that. Oh, cheating never prospers. You have to put up with me, you see!"

Kenneth obeyed, while his father read the letter, which, as the reader has no doubt guessed was that written by Gambart at his imperious little wife's command. "I was sure there must be some satisfactory explanation of the matter," said Flora, when her father had finished reading. "So was I," said Kenneth, examining the priming of his gun. The elder McLeod felt and looked uncomfortable.

At last steps sounded in the corridor, and a moment later Kenneth was rudely thrust into the room. Hogan signed to the trooper, who closed the door and withdrew. As Kenneth entered, Crispin advanced a step and paused, his eyes devouring the lad and receiving in exchange a glance that was full of malevolence.

"Good gracious, Ken," she exclaimed, "it's an awful funny thing, this going away; it makes all your friends so serious and so afraid you'll forget them. Of course I shall think of you while I'm away." "Who else has been asking you to think of him?" growled Kenneth; "that ridiculous Hepworth, I suppose! Well, now look here, miss, you're to think of me twice to his once. Do you understand that?"

"It is my fault," returned Stephen, "that Kenneth will not approach you till your repast is over. I left him to see your followers properly refreshed. And for the youth, he seems timid of appearing before you. Even his name I cannot make known to you till he reveals it himself: none know him here by any other name than that of Edwin. He has, however, granted tomorrow morning for the interview."

But Gregory's answer had been a lunge which the boy had been forced to parry. Taking that crossing of blades for a sign of opposition, Gregory thrust again more viciously. Kenneth parried narrowly, his blade pointing straight at his aggressor.

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