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Crewe's countenance to see how this statement fared. "But the fact is, the boys are all jealous of you on the quiet. I suppose you suspected something of the kind." "I should have imagined there might be some little feeling," Mr. Crewe assented modestly. "Exactly," cried the general, "and I had to combat that feeling when I insisted upon putting you at the head of National Affairs.

It was a close " began Red, weakly, but his foreman interposed. "Shut up, an' drink this!" ordered Buck, kindly but sternly. "We'll do the talking for a while; you can tell us all about it later on. Why, hullo!" he cried as Lanky Smith and his two happy companions rode up. "Reckon you must 'a' got them pickets." "Shore we did! Stalked 'em on our bellies, didn't we, Skinny?" modestly replied Mr.

Clayton dropped Jimmie Dale's hand, and waved his own in the air. Jimmie Dale remained modestly on the outside of the circle as the reporters gathered around the police inspector. "Now, then," said Clayton coarsely, "the guy that's croaked there is Metzer, Jake Metzer. Get that?"

On the threshold stood Pyrrhus's grey-haired wife, a young woman, and a girl scarcely beyond childhood; but the older one modestly welcomed Barine, and also begged her to accept their hospitality. Recovery was rapid in the pure air of the Serpent Isle. She herself, and she pointed to the others her oldest son's wife, and her own daughter, Dione, would be ready to render her any service.

It was but a humble distinction; still, it was his only official one, and he was modestly proud of it and was devoted to its work and its interests.

Yes, Miss Gordon remembered her well, but added modestly: "She may have forgotten me, as I was only a day scholar, and not not quite her circle. I was poor." Charmed with her frankness, Mrs. Ellsworth decided in her own mind to take her, but, for form's sake, she would write to her sister Augusta, recently married, and living in Milwaukee.

Remonstrated with tenderly and solemnly, he informed Sir Charles that poaching was a thing he could not live without, and he modestly asked to have Bassett's wood given him to poach in, offering, as a consideration, to keep all other poachers out: as a greater inducement, he represented that he should not require a house, but only a coarse sheet to stretch across an old saw-pit, and a pair of blankets for winter use one under, one over.

On a table at her side stood the Red Lavender Draught in color soothing to the eye; in flavor not unpleasant to the taste. A book of devotional character was near it. The domestic ledgers, and the kitchen report for the day, were ranged modestly behind the devout book. The spacious room was partially darkened.

She was striking and unusual in appearance, and yet well within convention and "good form." Her dress was simply and modestly worn, and had little touches of grace and taste which, I understand, many ladies on board sought to imitate, when they recovered from the first feeling of envy. She was an example of splendid life.

Besides these five "affairs," on one or two occasions I dipped so low as the inky dismal sensuality of the streets, and made one of those pairs of correlated figures, the woman in her squalid finery sailing homeward, the man modestly aloof and behind, that every night in the London year flit by the score of thousands across the sight of the observant....