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The admirers quit, the reporters grilled us, and the fans, though they stuck to the games with that barnacle-like tenacity peculiar to them, made life miserable for all of us. I saw the pennant slowly fading, and the successful season, and the business deal, and the cottage, and Milly But when I thought of her I just could not see failure. Something must be done, but what?

They must be given a shape by somebody, and since in the daily routine reporters cannot give a shape to facts, and since there is little disinterested organization of intelligence, the need for some formulation is being met by the interested parties.

Sloane: you're handicapping me, and the reporters and the sheriff don't trust you." "Why? Why don't they trust me?" shrilled Sloane, writhing again. "Ill tell you in a very few words: because you refused to testify at the inquest yesterday, giving illness as an excuse. That's one reason. The " "Howling helions! Wasn't I ill? Didn't I have enough to make me ill? Jarvis, a little whiskey!" "Dr.

"They ain't a stunner in the state as kin hold a candle to our Molly," he added, and then with uncertain gait he left the "reporters" with the promise to "bring 'em a drink." "Come, Louise," said Arthur, quietly, "let's get out of here." He drew her to the door and as a dance was just starting they managed to escape without notice.

Free passes for railroad travel were lavishly distributed; no politician was ever refused; newspaper and magazine editors, writers and reporters were always supplied with free transportation for the asking, thus insuring to a great measure their good will, and putting them under obligations not to criticise or expose plundering schemes or individuals.

Reporters came as far as Hixon, gathered there such news as the Hollmans chose to give them, and went back to write lurid stories and description, from hearsay, of the stockaded seat of tragedy. Nor did they overlook the dramatic coincidence of the return of "Wildcat" Samson South from civilization to savagery. They made no accusation, but they pointed an inference and a moral as they thought.

Their first new move, after my little talk with Langdon, was intended as a mortal blow to my credit Melville requested me to withdraw mine and Blacklock and Company's accounts from the National Industrial Bank; and the fact that this huge and powerful institution had thus branded me was slyly given to the financial reporters of the newspapers.

I shall take a room and stay there until you offer me a proper inducement to move on." She giggled delightedly. "It's marvelous absolutely safe," she quoted. "They can't touch me. You'll come across inside of two hours. If you don't a word to the reporters will start things in the right direction." "Don't!" he groaned. "I must have been crazy. That was simply blackmail!"

But now newspaper reporters attended the conferences and trailed Waterman about wherever he went, and the public was invited to the wonderful spectacle of this battle-worn veteran, rousing himself for one last desperate campaign and saving the honour and credit of the country. The public hung upon his lightest word, praying for his success.

He began to carry river news items to the Westliche Post, which presently took him on its staff of regular reporters. The rest was easy. He learned to speak and write English, was transferred to the paper of which Hutchins was the head, and before he was five-and-twenty became a local figure. When he turned up in New York with an offer to purchase the World we met as old friends.