"Somebody always knows your inmost thoughts. Your intentions are known by others before you know them yourself. You are no exception, Mr. Farwell. The mind readers are busy with you. No action you might take would surprise them. They are quite ready for anything." "I may surprise these wise people yet," said Farwell. "I suppose they counted on depriving our lands of water by destroying our dam?"

Despite all her magnificence and the absence of any gaucherie in her movements when off the stage, all natural grace disappeared the moment she attempted to be somebody else. Her delivery was unnatural and pompous; her motions were stiff, strained, ridiculous.

And besides this, Vernon had been so accustomed to the success of the drawing-room, to be a somebody and a something in the company of wits and princes, that he felt, for the first time, a sense of insignificance in this provincial circle. Those fat squires had heard nothing of Mr. Vernon, except that he would not have Laughton, he had no acres, no vote in their county; he was a nobody to them.

"Now, father has been telling you that," exclaimed Caddy, looking confused, "and I don't thank him for it either; I hear of that everywhere I go even the Burtons know of it." Mr. Walters now looked round the room, as though he missed some one, and finally exclaimed, "Where is Charlie? I thought I missed somebody where is my boy?" "We have put him out to live at Mrs. Thomas's," answered Mrs.

Neither Doctor Soper nor myself could find any traces of ordinary poison." "What is your theory?" "Something was used to stupefy them, and so much was used that it killed them." "In that case the murder might have been unintentional?" "Yes. Somebody might have thought to stupefy Mr. Langmore and then rob him. But the drug, being too powerful, or used too long, might have done its deadly work.

Then Harry Bailey got up. He'd had religion before several times. Every winter he got it if there was a revival; and if somebody had a new way of being baptized, he'd try it.

Here's to Blizzer's wife, the best man in camp, an' may the Lord send us somebody like her!" In silence, and with uncovered heads, was the toast drank; and for many days did the boys mourn for her whose advent brought them such disappointment. I keep a boarding-house.

"Flora, do you give because YOU like the sensation of giving, and of receiving thanks, or because you really want to help somebody?" asked Miss Maggie, a bit wearily. "Why, Maggie Duff, I want to help people, of course," almost wept Miss Flora. Well, then, suppose you try and give so it will help them, then," said Miss Maggie.

I sang out as loudly as I could. Instantly the steerage was in a state of commotion the child was missed. There didn't appear to be a sailor on the spot. The Bishop looked at me, and I looked at the Bishop. Like lightning he tore off his coat. I put my hand on his arm. "Dear sir, you will not do such a thing!" "What is it, Henry?" cried his wife. "Somebody must." "I wish to God I could, sir!"

Don't love a somebody or a nobody simply because they have money. COURT SCIENTIFICALLY. If you court at all, court scientifically. Bungle whatever else you will, but do no bungle courtship. A failure in this may mean more than a loss of wealth or public honors; it may mean ruin, or a life often worse than death. The world is full of wretched and mismated people.