"Oh, dear, he'll ruin it!" she cried. "Do hurry! Hadn't you better send for help?" "I figure I can handle him," said Bertram Chester, bristling at the imputation. "Just give me that halter and drive in back of the corral, will you?" "Please don't let him trample any trees!" she called after her champion as he vaulted the fence.

What followed I hardly know, for as the men struggled up from the ruin the fight began again, and the result was that I found myself with my father and five men in the little back place of all, where the door opened out into the valley; but of course it was locked and barricaded inside, and the door into the back room was held by my father, the foreman, and two others, who were keeping about a dozen Frenchmen at bay, yelling and cutting and thrusting at them.

Can your Excellency call my people free who are allowed no voice against the seizure of their own river, and to whom you offer an unwholesome and indoor labour as compensation for the ruin of their lives? Now, they are poor indeed, but they are contented; they keep body and soul together, they live on their natal soil, they live as their fathers lived.

"Do you know, it stirs my imagination tremendously when I think of all the power that man has. I suppose you know he has become one of a very small group of men who control this country, and naturally he has been cruelly maligned. All he has to do is to say a word to his secretary, and he can make men or ruin them. It isn't that he does ruin them I don't mean that.

I don't think the people whose opinion is worth having will object to me for very long." The girl was beginning rather to enjoy the contest. "You profess to love my son," cried the countess fiercely, "and you are going to ruin his life. You will drag him down to your own level." The girl must have looked rather fine at that moment, I should dearly love to have been present.

The enemy were strongly posted, and the troops would be exposed to a heavy fire in advancing. On the other hand, if the ridge could once be captured, the destruction of the tribesmen was assured. Their position was good, only as long as they held it. The moment of defeat would be the moment of ruin. The reason was this.

Only the Roman who had turned monk would probably escape that fearful ruin; and he would remain behind, while the rest of his race was enslaved or swept away, as a seed of Christianity and of civilization, destined to grow and spread, and bring the wild conquerors in due time into the kingdom of God.

Dutton, don't answer if I ought not to ask, but is it true that things are going wrong? I know you have been seeing Mr. Greenleaf, so perhaps you are in his confidence and cannot speak. 'Tell me, what is known or suspected? 'Just this, that Mr. Goodenough has been the ruin of the concern. He has been quite different ever since his voyage to America. You were gone, old Mr.

A clump of tall blackberry vines is full of white blossoms, "bramble roses faint and pale," and in one corner is a tuft of scarlet blooms, sage, perhaps, or something akin to it. For the moment I feel no curiosity. But withal the place is unkempt, as becomes a ruin. "Winter's ragged hand" has been rather heavy upon it.

"Oh! they just take up the rails when they like, the people do." "And what do they do with them?" "Is it what they do with them? Oh; they make fences of them for the beasts." He was a dry, shrewd old fellow, not very amiably disposed, I was sorry to find, towards my own country. "Ah! it's America, sorr, that's been the ruin of us entirely." "Pray, how is that?"