As to besieging Luxembourg, it would be but a waste of time, for before we could open a trench we should hear that the duke has again declared against us, and we should have to hurry back with all speed."

One morning I saw, through the windows of my bedroom, that a large pond not far off was covered with wild ducks. In an instant I took my gun from the corner, ran downstairs, and out of the house in such a hurry that I imprudently struck my face against the doorpost.

A week from to-day I'll drive in and meet the up-train and haul my bridegroom home in my wagon. We'll eat dinner at our house and then drive over to Preacher Sanderson's and have him tie the knot. Now I'll go down in front and buy a few things and mail my letter and hurry home." "Wait a minute, Dixie." She was moving away, and he stopped her, standing before her, a grave look in his eyes.

"Yes, ma'am, much against the countess' stomach, I am sure: I only wish you had seen the face she made when the glass would not come up." "But why did not they take my carriage, or wait for Lady Littleton's? They were, it seems, in a violent hurry to be gone," said Mrs. Somers.

"I was called away in a frightful hurry, and you and mother were gossiping upstairs, and it's as much as one's life is worth to disturb you two when you are together." "Oh! That's news." "Besides, I should have had to argue with mother, and you know what she is." "You flatter me. I don't even know what you are, and you're elementary compared to your mother."

You can leave out all the loving and confidential parts, but give us his explanations. I never was so anxious to know anything in all my life." "I will read you the whole of it," said Edna. "Here, Ralph." Her brother came running up. "That man is in an awful hurry to get away," he said. "We ought to go up to the caves and get our things." "Stay just where you are," said Mrs. Cliff.

"Much obliged, Joe, but there's no hurry. You don't need to be so rushed. It will be an hour before Nick gets back, if he drives that cow as far as he ought." Again poor Yavapai Joe told more than he intended. "You don't need to worry none 'bout Nick; he'll sure drive her far enough. He ain't takin' no chances, Nick ain't."

"An extra handful of gold for you! Get the oars out! Let us hurry!" "More, holy one; these men will obey me." "They shall be well paid." Umballa had reached the point where he could not plan without treachery.

'Walk out of this room in a hurry, before I scratch your eyes out, you soft little caterpillar! "'Ruined! ruined! ruined! she cried, sinking down and bursting into a passionate flood of tears. 'Everything goes crossways. This is a doomed family.

For, hurry as he might upon other occasions, nothing would make the Major cut a corner of his winding "drive" when descending it with a visitor. He enjoyed every yard of its length, because it was his own at every step, and he counted his paces in an under-tone, to be sure of the length, for perhaps the thousandth time.