After crossing the creek at the spot where the boy's father had met his frightful and mysterious death a few months before, the two volunteers, while still the day was new, reached the place of the settlers' gathering. The house of James Breckenridge was built at the foot of a slight ridge of land running east and west, which ridge was heavily wooded.

This channel sometimes overflowed, and made the path so slippery that any one passing that way might easily fall in, and be carried towards the mill wheel with frightful rapidity. Such a catastrophe nearly happened to the young Englishman.

He saw his mother ravished away from him by unspeakable men Turks, Armenians, Greeks, Albanians God knows whom and carried off to some unknown and frightful fate; he saw her dead, murdered; he saw her dead, stricken by some sudden and horrible illness. His heart thumped. He could hear it. It seemed to be beating in his ears. And then he began to feel brave, to feel an intrepidity of desperation.

Dickens saw far enough ahead to know that the time was coming when the people would be imploring the State to save them from mere freedom, as from some frightful foreign oppressor. He felt the society changing; and Thackeray never did.

She wiped them. She set her teeth. A new and most awful concern possessed her. 'This our sister. Would father remember? When he came to brother would he remember to say sister? And when 'his' would he remember to say 'her? She searched for the places. A most frightful agitation seized her that father would forget. What would happen if he forgot? And at the very first place father did forget!

"Many a thing is preserved here, friend!" said he; "in Adrian's church yonder they will still show you the bones of the three men that walked in the fire." "That is just the frightful play of destiny," replied Albano, "to occupy the heights of the mighty ancients with monks shorn down into slaves." "The stream of time drives new wheels," said Dian "yonder lies Raphael twice buried.

I look back on that desert as the most frightful nightmare of my existence. As if Nature had not done her worst, we were doomed, on the second day out from Salt Lake, to hear, at one station, where we stopped, horrid rumors of Goshoots on the war-path, and, ere the day reached its noon, to find their proofs irrefragable.

I'm only I haven't a penny in the world except what I earn." The boy sighed. "I don't see why that should stop you," said Gorman. "Do you really think I mean wouldn't it be frightful cheek? It's not only her being a queen and all that; but other things. She's far too good for me in every way. I'm not clever or anything of that kind. And then there's her father."

She dragged me across the room to the table on which the claret jug stood. She filled the tumbler from it, as he had filled the tumbler. Cristel held the water out to me, gasping for breath, trembling as if she saw some frightful reptile before her instead of myself. "Drink it," she said, "if you value your life!"

There's a scene in the third act the Banquet in the Royal Palace that's something you won't forget as long as you live. A gorgeous hall, brilliantly illuminated the whole Court in glittering costumes the tables covered with gold and silver plate. Peals of thunder, and a frightful tempest raging outside.