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I have reasons for everything, which you may guess, I dare say, being a sharp chap; and it is not for nothing, be very sure, that I am running this queer rig, masquerading, hiding, and dodging, like a runaway forger, which is not pleasant anyway, and if you doubt it, only try; but needs must when the old boy drives. He is a clever fellow, no doubt, but has been sometimes out-witted before now.

Thou art my monitor, I am a fool; They learn may, that to spiders go to school. But all this while, where's he whose golden rays Drives night away and beautifies our days? Where's he whose goodly face doth warm and heal, And show us what the darksome nights conceal? Where's he that thaws our ice, drives cold away? Let's have him, or we care not for the day.

That music in the summer dusk the softness of her little face the friendliness first, incredible friendliness! of her lingering hand. Next morning he had banished himself to Paris, on a Catholic mission devised for the purpose. He had gone, torn with passion gone, in the spirit that drives the mystic through all the forms of self-torture that religious history records ad majorem Dei gloriam.

This latter is the Princess's personal attendant during her yearly visit to Tunis. He accompanies her everywhere, may be seen in the hall of her hotel when she is at home, on the box of her carriage when she drives out, close behind her when she is walking. He is her shadow in Africa. Only when she goes back to Russia does he return to his profession in the Rue Ben-Ziad.

What is that carriage with golden-bay horses? that fresh image of loveliness so calm serene in queenly peace the spiritual eyes! "Alexandra, I am miserable; elevate and purify my hopes with a smile, when I need thy presence ma belle Anglaise" No, she looks coldly and drives on in her equipage without even a recognition. Is anything wrong? I am deeply dispirited.

And I can see, too, in a way, that we sometimes do things we don't want to do that we don't even mean to do that we regret ever afterwards just because life drives us to do them " For a minute she hesitated, and then added bravely, "I learned that by taking Mr. Jonathan's money." "But you were right," he answered. "To have the choice between love and money, and to choose money?"

I do not consider Miss Malison a fit chaperon for my daughter, and therefore I desire you will not again join her in her drives." "Every other girl of my station has the privilege of at least choosing her own companions without animadversion," replied Caroline, indignantly, "and in the simple thing of making appointments without interference it is hard that I alone am to be an exception."

His ship is the biggest and fastest thing I ever saw, and if he strips her down and drives her which he will he'll catch us long before we can make Tellus.

Father don't mind what he drives me to, and mother cares more for that Irish beggar than for me I know she does. I did think you would be our friend, and now you are as stiff and unfeeling as Rowland. Seure you are, 'Why, if I was a parson like Rowland, I'd marry you to-morrow. 'Then, why don't you try to bring father round. You know he thinks more of you than of anybody else.

His mind resembled the vast amphitheatre, the Colisaeum at Rome. In the centre stood his judgement, which, like a mighty gladiator, combated those apprehensions that, like the wild beasts of the Arena, were all around in cells, ready to be let out upon him. After a conflict, he drives them back into their dens; but not killing them, they were still assailing him.

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