I said. He stopped short. "I've been wanting a set of red puffs for three years, and I can hardly walk past Mrs. Yost's window down in the village. They've got some that match my hair and I fairly yearn for them. But if I got 'em I dare say I'd put them in a box and go after wanting something else. It's the same way with Miss Patty.

The other big boys had similar presents and the younger lads mechanical toys of various kinds, Railway and Track, Steamer, Automobile, Fire Engine, and a real little Flying Machine. Besides these there were a number of fascinating games and a box of stone blocks. In the late afternoon some of the nurses made a brief visit, bringing their combined gift, a dozen books and a shelf to keep them on.

And oh, will you please tell her that I took the bread out of the oven before I left, and that it's under the box the cream came in? I put it there to keep the bluejays away from it till she woke up, and she may not know where to look.... Yes, thank you, I think that will be all.... But listen!

"The wicked are foolish, sir, as well as others," replied Furness, putting his finger to his nose, and looking very knowingly. "That's truth, sir. Help yourself; you drink nothing. Excuse me one minute; I'll be back directly." McShane left the box for a few minutes to explain to his wife what he was about, and to give time for the liquor to operate upon Furness.

"Leave it alone, Hughie," said Stark, going to the silver cigar box and helping himself. "Less of that blessed cane, Hughie why, Jollops, what ails you?" He stared at Jones as he lit a cigar. Jones looked at him. This was Spencer Stark, late Captain in His Majesty's Black Hussars, gambler, penniless, always well dressed, and always well fed Terrible.

The following is a list of some of the old drivers, who were well known along their respective routes. It is arranged in no particular order and by no means complete; and the dates against a few of the names are only approximations to the time when each one sat on the box: Lemuel Lakin was among the earliest; and he was followed by Dearborn Emerson.

When we entered the school house at Willoughby Bay, which is capable of containing a thousand persons, a low murmur, like the notes of preparation, ran over the multitude. One school came in after we arrived, marching in regular file, with their teacher, a negro man, at their head, and their standard bearer following; next, a sable girl with a box of Testaments on her head.

By it was a wooden box, hung with faded pink calico, containing small wooden representations, in the Noah's-ark style, of dogs, horses, and pigs, and a tall man holding up a little dog by its hind legs.

This time he was weighed down and gloomy, with spots on his aged forehead. He was sitting in a corner of the box, turning his attention neither to the play nor the audience; and, what was more, not striving to attract the attention of anyone.

It was all the more surprising, for his appearance was always that of a man in the pink of athletic fitness ruddy-faced, clear-eyed, and full of tireless energy. On one occasion we returned from the French front in Serbia to Salonika in a box car lighted only by candles, bitterly cold, and frightfully exhausting.