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"I hope so," said Edith with a sigh, "for I don't see how we are going to live here year after year." "You'se be rich again. De men wid de long pusses ain't agoin' to look at your black eyes for nothin'," and Hannibal chuckled knowingly. The color faintly deepened in Edith's cheeks, but she said with some scorn, "Men with long purses want girls with the same. But who are these?"

Who steals, embezzles, knowingly and willfully misappropriates, applies to his own use or benefit, or wrongfully or knowingly sells or disposes of any ordnance, arms, equipments, ammunition, clothing, subsistence stores, money, or other property of the United States furnished or intended for the military service thereof; or

It was this, then, that he, the disciple of peace-loving Max Schurz, the hater of war and conquest, the foe of unjust British domination over inferior races it was this that he had helped to make plausible with his special knowledge and his ready pen! Oh, heaven, what reparation could he make for this horrid crime he had knowingly and wilfully committed?

To her father, she continued, leaving what she felt to be dangerous ground: "I didn't look for you so early." "We finished sooner than I expected," Mr. Wayland answered, "so I drove Willis to his hotel and waited for him to dress. I was afraid he might disappoint us if I let him out of my sight. I couldn't allow that not to- night of all nights, eh?" The magnate laughed knowingly at Marsh.

"As regards myself, if I go on and publish, I shall be quite prepared to find some persons surprised, but this, if it should prove so, cannot be helped. I shall not knowingly exaggerate anything; and when a man expects to be washed overboard he must tie himself with a rope to the mast. "I shall trust to your friendship for frankness in the discharge of your irksome task.

Some say he's a wealthy emigre turning his talents to account. For myself " and the black sun-bonnet nodded knowingly. "You don't care for him over much, Aunt Jeanne?" and I felt unreasonably glad that it was so. "Ma , I've never set eyes on the man and never wish to! But such luck is not too natural, you understand.

Those people who make and sell liquor, knowing that it will ultimately destroy the lives of thousands of human beings, are just as much murderous poisoners as would be the chemist who would knowingly give a deadly drug to an intended suicide."

If you have done wrong, you must take the penalty in some shape, and I am not the man knowingly to stay the just progression of either moral or civil law." "Will you accept a retaining fee, even if not active in my case?" asked Mr. Dewey. "No," was the emphatic answer.

And he was handing her over knowingly to one kind of wretchedness 'son amour, mon ami, shot through him, lighting up the gulfs of a mind in wreck; and one kind of happiness could certainly be promised her!

What is it? Eh? Something forbidden?" and he leered knowingly at her. Then he made a quick snatch at the book, saying: "Show it me!" Peg ran across the room and turning up a corner of the carpet, put the book under it, turned back the carpet, put her foot determinedly on it and turned again to face her tormentor. Brent went rapidly across to her. The instinct of the chase was quick in his blood.