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Something in the agent's attitude of literary absorption aggravated him. He went round to the door and opened it. "Don't you know or care when this train is coming?" "Nope," said the man placidly. "Well, when? What's the matter with her? When is she due?" "Doo twenty minits ago," said the man. "Forty minits late down to Moocastle. Git here quatter to three, ef nothin' more happens."

"Not half bad, that!" said Bean, recovering, and speaking in what he felt was the correct Bulger tone. "Not for mine," said Bulger firmly. "Big sister, though, not so worse. Met up with her one time out to the country place, takin' stuff for the old man the time he got kidneys in his feet. I made a hit with her, too, on the level, but say! nothin' doing there for old John W. me!

"There seems to be a kind of crossroads here," said Caleb, bending forward and peering out of the carryall. "It's so everlastin' dark a feller can't see nothin'. Yes, there is crossroads, three of 'em. Now, which one do we take? I ain't drove to Bayport direct for years. When we went to the Cattle Show we went up through the Centre. Do you know which is the right road, Hannah?"

Cap'n Amazon surely had nothing to do with the chest, with how his brother took the train, or with where he took it. Really, Betty, what do you suspect Cap'n Amazon has done?" "I don't know what he's done," snapped Betty. "But I wouldn't put nothin' past him, from his looks. The old pirate!"

"Well, to start with, you don't suppose Mr Rogers got his stroke for nothin'? 'Twas the news about the Saltypool that bowled him out: an' between you an' me, in a few days there's goin' to be a dreadful mess. He always was a speckilator. The more money he made and he made a lot, back-along the more he'd risk it: and the last year or two his luck has been cruel.

"I know "; but then he paused. If he told all he knew he saw plainly that either the carrier or his father would profit by it and collect the reward. Fifty dollars!! Willie gasped. "Well," said Jim, "I gotta be on my way. Here's the Tribune there ain't nothin' more fer ye. So long! Giddap!" and he was gone. "I don' see why he don't carry a whip," mused Jeb Case.

As fur as a bit o' smuggling goes, or a bit of privateering, or even a bit o' piracy, in a general way, I don't say nothin', but when it comes to taking and firing a culverin at your own ship, with your own mates aboard of her, why, d'ye see, I don't call that honest. And when I find out as a man ain't what I calls honest, I don't sail in his company.

Captain Pharo sighed kindly; his pipe was going. "Poo! poo! hohum! Never mind; never mind. I s'pose ye hain't never worked yerself up to the p'int o' propoundin' nothin' yit to Miss Pray, have ye?" "No." "Why don't ye, major?" "When I think of how much better off she is with seven dollars a week for my board than she would be taking me as a husband, for nothing "

Then she drew Helen towards her and led her softly out of the room. "'Sh! 'sh!" she said, as soon as they were outside the door. "Don' never speak in this house 'bout what Elsie's mother died of!" she said. "Nobody never says nothin' 'bout it.

"You must live to receive it," he said, "we need that money for the race. It must not go back to the white folks. Ain't you got nobody to leave it to?" "Not a chick ner a chile, 'ceptin' Sis' Dicey Fairfax here." Mr. Buford breathed again. "Then leave it to her, by all means," he said. "I don' want to have nothin' to do with de money of de daid," said Sis' Dicey Fairfax.