"Must be the same people," declared the Major. "Leithcourt spoke once or twice of his yacht, but we all put it down as a non-existent vessel, because he was always drawing the long bow about his adventures." "And how did you first come to know him?" I asked of the Major eagerly. "Oh, I don't know. Somebody brought him to mess, and we struck up an acquaintance across the table.

It is not unknown to any person of observation, that the hoof of a horse is nearly round, but the hoof of a buffalo thick and longish, like this colt's: hence I judged that the dam must certainly have been a buffalo." The sultan now dismissed him graciously, and commanded that he should be allowed daily a mess of pottage, and two cakes of bread.

"I thought he'd got enough; but, he's as parvarse as the nine lives of a cat. Why, there was the whack at the island, and, then, the jam on the ice, and, last, the scare in the snowstorm; a fellow's unreasonable to want more, and, yet, the darn'd crittur's holding out his platter." "What you want to put in, Missa Gladding?" "Some of the same mess.

Calming himself at last with a supreme effort, he added: "A pretty mess you've made of it, to let the Buccaneer drive home with her; why on earth couldn't you keep hold of him? He's mad with love; any fool can see that!"

The plates, with borders of little roses on them, seemed, after the army mess, the most beautiful things Fuselli had ever seen. The wine bottle was black beside the soup tureen and the wine in the glasses cast a dark purple stain on the cloth. Fuselli ate his soup silently understanding very little of the French that the two girls rattled at each other.

"I'm going to take fishing tackle and go in search of a mess of fish. Anyone going with me?" "I will," offered Danny Grin. "As for me," spoke up Tom, "I have a line on a place where blueberries grow in profusion. Harry, will you go along with me and pick berries?" "If it isn't over five miles away," Hazelton assented cautiously.

The egg of the carnivorous burrower is firmly fixed on the victim at a point which varies considerably, it is true, according to the nature of the prey, but which is uniform for the same species of prey; moreover and this is an important condition the point of adhesion of that egg is always the head, whereas the egg of a bee, of the Osmia, for instance, is fixed to the mess of honey by the hinder end.

I think they will attempt to escape responsibility for the loss of the coin collection by prosecuting and convicting me of having stolen the money. They were not under bond, you know." "It's a mess! it's a mess!" groaned Uncle Jason, "whichever way ye look at it. What ye goin' ter do, Mr. Haley, if ye don't teach?"

As Mynheer's time drew near he sent for his attorney and commanded him to look up the life, deeds and character of Edward Mauville. "This I did," said the lawyer, "and here it is." Waving a roll of papers before his interested listener. "A nauseating mess, no doubt," carelessly remarked the land baron. "Oh, sir!" deprecated the lawyer, opening the roll.

"I gave a nominal price for it, but that doesn't make it mine. Anyhow, I have no use for it. Please take it back again." Poor Polly blushed very red all over her face. "I wish I could," she said. "If there has been anything I regretted in the auction, besides getting all you girls into a mess, it has been my sealskin jacket.