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The little woman looked from one to the other in a dazed sort of way, and her eye rested on Fitz. "What shall I do, Mr. Fitzpatrick? It seems to me a grave step to sell any part of the estate." Fitz blushed at the mark of her confidence, and said that with the royalty clause he thought the proposition a favorable one. "And you, George?" turning to the colonel. The colonel bowed his head.

Feeling his inscrutable, hazel eyes upon her, she blushed uncomfortably and fumbled the laces. "You better let me lace that shoe you won't have it done in a thousand years, at that gait." "If you're in a hurry," said she, without looking at him, "you can ride on ahead. It would please me better if you did." "Yes? You've been pleased all summer at my expense. I'm going to please myself, this time.

'Then you are Gerald, my dear Laura's cousin, so longingly expected so beloved by them all so' Here the young lady blushed celestial rosy red, and cast down her eyes. What these two girls could have been saying to each other about me, I never found out; but there was a secret, I will go to death upon it.

'Land! she can do it! says Ike a minute ago. 'When Rose starts smilin', he says, 'there ain't a jam nor a bung in me that don't melt like wax and jest float right off same as the logs do when they get into quiet, sunny water." Rose blushed and laughed, and drove up the hill to Mite Shapley's, where she put up the horse and waited till the men had eaten their luncheon.

He actually blushed, but Sina, seeing his confusion, smiled at him, as a mother might, with love in her eyes, and Yourii stood there, blissful and obedient. Sina gave no further glances, but kept crossing herself with great zeal. Yet Yourii knew that she was only thinking of him, and it was this consciousness that established a secret bond between them.

"That's not your fault," said Mary. "No, not entirely; but it's your calamity, Mary. O Mary! I little thought" She put her hand quickly upon his mouth. His eye flashed and he frowned. "Don't do so!" he exclaimed, putting the hand away; then blushed for shame, and kissed her. They went to bed. Bread would have put them to sleep. But after a long time

"When she came inside of the house and saw only three men in place of the girls of her acquaintance she expected to meet, she cast a rapid, surprised glance all round, blushed, asked, 'where are the girls? all in the most natural manner. There was positively nothing in her deportment to betray a guilty conscience. I recognized that, and so, I could see, did Darling.

And Aranyání laughed, and blushed, and frowned, and finally she said: Babhru, thy love is a disease, which fills thy head with nightmare, and thy eyes with phantoms born of suspicion in thy soul. And he said: Alas! thy own behaviour gives the lie to thee. Thou art not like thyself, and I am right.

As if she only awaited this signal to discharge her shaft, Marguerite exclaimed, "Well, Elise, it is said you are in love." And she looked fixedly at Madame de Belliere, who blushed against her will. "Women never escape slander," replied the marquise, after a moment's pause. "No one slanders you, Elise." "What! people say that I am in love, and yet they do not slander me!"

"Well," said Peggy, breaking the silence with an embarrassed giggle, "I hope we shall know each other the next time we meet." Margaret blushed. "I fear I have been staring rudely!" she said. "But I have never had any cousins before, never seen any, that is, and I am really so glad to know you both! Let us shake hands, girls, and try to be friends!"

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