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"All mail steamers ought to provide a lecturer on things in general and interesting places passed in particular," said Isobel. Dr. Christobal bowed.

"Read what you have written," said the king, approaching her. The princess bowed her head and read: "I pity you, but your misfortune is irremediable; and I cannot and will not attempt to alleviate it, for fear of compromising myself. This is, therefore, my last letter I can risk nothing more for you. Do not attempt to write to me, for I should return your letter unopened.

If I had for a moment suspected the truth you should have had your appointment with Colonel Stanistreet at any hour you might have cared to name, no matter how ungodly!" Lanyard bowed gravely. "Thank you," he said. "And Colonel Stanistreet ?" "Is just finishing breakfast. He will be down directly. Please be seated, make yourself entirely at ease. And will you excuse me ?"

Stoller took his toothpick out of his mouth and bowed; then he seemed to remember, and took off his hat. "You see Jews enough, here to make you feel at home?" he asked; and he added: "Well, we got some of 'em in Chicago, too, I guess. This young man" he twisted his head toward Burnamy "found you easy enough?" "It was very good of him to meet us," Mrs. March began. "We didn't expect "

When we reached Savigny-sur-Orge, I had to tap him on the shoulder to arouse him from his dream and come out on to the platform of the station. There, the magistrate and his Registrar bowed to us, and by rapidly getting into a cab that was awaiting them, made us understand that they had seen enough of us. "How long will it take to walk to the Chateau du Glandier?"

She bowed her head, and he heard her voice in a half sob. "Yes alone." He passed quickly around to her side. "I am Sergeant MacVeigh, of the Royal Mounted," he said, gently. "Tell me, where are you going, and how does it happen that you are out here in the Barren alone." Her hood had fallen upon her shoulder, and she lifted her face full to MacVeigh. The stars shone in her eyes.

He bowed, first to the woman, then to Schuyler. He was a proud man a strong man. It hurt him to lose and the more because the stake had been so great.... He passed across the room, and through the door, closing it behind him. Upon the woman, still laughing in the delight of her success, Schuyler rounded. There was in his heart, too, a great bitterness a great hurt.

Mr. Avenel, at the head of the table, suddenly rose. "Ladies and Gentlemen," said he, "I have taken the liberty to invite you once more into this tent, in order to ask you to sympathize with me upon an occasion which took us all a little by surprise to-day. "Of course, you all know I am a new man, the maker of my own fortunes." A great many heads bowed involuntarily.

'Anyway, I will speak to her also. Then he signed to one of his attendants, who followed the path that the boy had taken to the hut. Soon the man returned, with the girl walking behind him. And as soon as she reached the tree it bowed itself to the earth before her, and she stretched out her hand and picked some of its leaves and flowers and gave them to the king.

He snatched up his tall hat, bowed, smiled, and tripped out of the room. Sensible of little else but of the relief of being alone; feeling no more distinct impression than the vague sense of some serious change having taken place in herself and her position, Magdalen let the events of the morning come and go like shadows on her mind, and waited wearily for what the day might bring forth.

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