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The fundamental idea in the system, which had its origin in the able brain of Julian S. Myrick, President of the United States Lawn Tennis Association, was to arouse and sustain interest in the various sections by dealing with local conditions. This was successfully done through a system of local open tournaments, that qualified boys to a sectional championship.

Bud followed, while Soden shot his lightnings after them, declaring that "young men who ran away from the truth would dwell in torments forever." Bud had not counted amiss when he thought that Mr. Soden's preaching would be likely to arouse so mean-spirited a fellow as Walter. So vivid was the impression that Johnson begged Bud to return to the office with him.

"Did he ever know slumber again, I wonder," said the King. "O boy, of what use are your love-songs!" "To arouse love in your heart, Sire!" "What good is that when I have no maiden to love!" "Listen, Sire," said the boy. "You are going to war with King Mace who has a most beautiful daughter, the Princess Elene. When you have overthrown him, bring her to your kingdom and wed her."

If we open the first volume, or indeed any volume of the Review, at random, we are almost certain to meet with some electric shock of paradox designed to arouse the attention of the torpid. In one number we find the writer, ever daring and alert, setting out with an eulogium on "the wonderful benefit of arbitrary power" in France.

I do not wonder that the Russians regard this bell with such peculiar feelings of reverence. There is something to arouse the most profound and reverential emotions of our nature in the simple, grand, and mysterious melody of all great bells something of the infinite that exalts our thoughts and aspirations from the earth.

Do we work for Him as He and all that are with Him do? Is His will done by us on earth, as it is heaven? Alas! alas! have we not all been like those three apostles whose eyes were heavy with sleep even while the Lord was wrestling with the tempter under the gnarled olives in the pale moonlight of Gethsemane? Let us arouse ourselves from our sloth.

If anything had been needed to inspire hope, to arouse patriotic pride, the appearance of Johnston's army as it passed through Richmond on its way to the Peninsula to foil once more the "On-to-Richmond" plans of the enemy would have more than sufficed. Oh, what days were those, which came unheralded, to write their history in letters of fire upon the records of the city of Richmond!

If execution is necessary, this should take place in private; and in no case should the criminal be so handled as to corrupt the morals or arouse the morbid sensibilities of the populace.

Ay! thou wert so beautiful, so elegant, thy sleek sides like the satin of Dona Theresa and he like a wild man that has never washed. Where is thy pride, Ignacio? Arouse thyself!" Thus encouraged, the bull raised his head once more.

Fish is one of the problems of country life. Fishmongers are demons, and when they live five miles from one they can arouse the most powerful human emotions." Mallowe Court was at a distance from the country town delightful in its effects upon the rusticity of the neighbourhood, but appalling when considered in connection with fish.