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I reached Woodbridge before two, and rode better in the cool of the evening, and had the happiness to be entertained in a very elegant and friendly family, though perfectly a stranger; and, indeed, I have been escorted from one place to another in every mile of my journey by one, and sometimes by two or three, of my brethren in a most respectful and agreeable manner.’ Dr.

This innocent and elegant practice might perhaps have been tolerated as a mere civil institution.

He did not speak; but I can imagine everything he would have said, had he opened his Mouth. I can picture to myself the cultivated Understanding, the Noble sentiments, and elegant Language which would have shone so conspicuous in the conversation of Mr Cleveland. But oh! how inferior are the accomplishments of Sir James to those of his so greatly envied Rival!

"He was always dressed in a suit of black, his hair powdered and tied in a black queue behind, with a very elegant dress-sword, which he wore with inimitable grace. Mrs. Washington often, but not always, dined with the company, sat at the head of the table, and if, as was occasionally the case, there were other ladies present, they sat each side of her.

"He can't get on without it," said the Friar. "And comes for it like the cattle to the scrubbing-stones," said the Skipjack. "Yes," said Armine; "but he tries to get pitied, like Chico walking on three legs when some one is looking at him." "You deal in most elegant comparisons," said the mother. "Only to get him a little more pitied," said Jock.

I never can call you any thing but 'Mr. Knightley. I will not promise even to equal the elegant terseness of Mrs. Elton, by calling you Mr. K. But I will promise," she added presently, laughing and blushing "I will promise to call you once by your Christian name. I do not say when, but perhaps you may guess where; in the building in which N. takes M. for better, for worse."

Half an hour later, lying, fully dressed, on the bed, she heard a voice in the hallway beyond the closed door of her room a man's voice. "It isn't what one might call elegant," said the voice; "but if it's the best you've got why, of course, it will have to do." The girl sat straight up in bed, breathless, her face paling. "It's Luke Deveny!" she gasped in a suffocating whisper.

His royal highness the duke of Cumberland has a very remarkable instance of this, in a Horse called Muley Ishmael, which is otherwise, the most elegant Horse I ever yet beheld. Whether this positiion is natural or acquired, will be best determined by his produce.

He brought forth all his treasures for the boy's instruction and the two spent many an afternoon poring over Piranesi's Roman etchings, Maffei's Verona Illustrata, and Count Benedetto's own elegant pencil-drawings of classical remains.

The son-of-a-gun from Bitter Creek, like the "elegant gentleman" from the Dark and Bloody Ground, represents a certain type to be found more or less developed in each and every State of the Union. He is not always a coward. Driven, as it were, to the wall, he will often make good. He is as a rule in quest of adventures. He enters the village from the countryside and approaches the melee.