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Turning back at length he made his way to the second gateway and from it to the third, under the lewdly sculptured arch of which he stopped and gasped, forgetting himself as for the first time Kathiapur the Fallen was revealed to him in all the awful beauty of its naked desolation.

For a moment he sat thus, staring wide-eyed at nothing in particular; then I stepped forward and tendered him my hand. "What now?" he gasped. "Let me help you up!" I panted. "Whaffor?" he demanded. "That I may knock you down again as speedily as possible," I answered. "Not me!" he answered, feeling his chin in gentle, tentative fashion.

"He endowed it for them," she gasped, her hand to her side. "Or partially endowed it, or something. I don't know what the arrangement was. And within the month it was raided by the police for an anarchist club."

"The specialist says Dodo will have to undergo an operation," she reported. Grace gasped, and the others looked worried. "It isn't serious," continued Mollie, "and he says she will surely be better after it. But of course mamma feels dreadful about it." "I should think so," observed Betty. "They never found out who those mean autoists were, did they?"

"I killed Tardif. He is there in the hut in the garden dead! I was seen, and they are coming to take me." With a cry she ran to the door that led into the hall, and locked it. She listened, then turned her face to Louis. "You killed him!" she gasped. "Louis! Louis!" Her face was like ashes. "I stabbed him to death. It was all I could do, and I did it. He slandered you. I went mad, and did it.

"I hope I'll be in some good situation by that time," she said to her mother, confidentially, "helping, at least, to support myself instead of being a burden upon father and you." "It's very unselfish of you to propose that, honey," replied her mother. "But, perhaps, such a sacrifice as the curtailment of your education will not be required of you." "But, my DEAR!" gasped Nan.

I told her I was goin' to look for some smaller hooks how is he?" Evelina gasped. "He ain't been very well," said Ann Eliza slowly, her eyes on Evelina's eager face; "but he says he'll be sure to be round to-morrow night." "He will? Are you telling me the truth?" "Why, Evelina Bunner!" "Oh, I don't care!" cried the younger recklessly, rushing back into the shop.

Don't hope too much," gasped Barney, tossing aside snow like a dog burrowing for a rabbit. The door had a spring padlock on it. Barney, hurrying to the lake for some pieces of ice, cracked the lock as he would a nut between stones. Then, prying the door open a bit at the top, he tried to peer in. "Dark," he muttered. "Can't see a thing." Breathlessly they resumed work.

"I understand you, miss," he gasped in a broken voice. "It shall be done." Over the face this ruffian thought too beautiful to be mortal came a stern proud smile. "I forbid that" she replied, "forbid it distinctly, and I will be obeyed to the very letter. If you were to kill this man, I should be the first to hand you over to justice. Listen.

He sprung up in bed, electrified. "Speak!" he gasped. "Oh, for God's sake " "Your wife is alive!" There was a simultaneous cry. Mr. Bryson hurried on rapidly: "Sybilla Silver stabbed her, and threw her over upon the shore. Mr. Parmalee picked her up not dead, but badly wounded took her on board a vessel took her finally to America. Sybilla Silver deceived your poor wife as she deceived us all.