At last he was informed that all had been slaughtered. "'Tis well, 'tis well," he said, rubbing his hands, gleefully, "I shall sleep in peace tonight." He slept in a bower in a rose garden, and nowhere in the world are the roses so magnificent and so sweet-scented as in Persia. "I shall have pleasant dreams," he muttered, but instead he had a nightmare that frightened him terribly.

Still, he let them speak on to the end, and though at first he only muttered that it was mere "fancy-work" or "Aye, indeed, if I were the emperor;" he afterwards asked clear and precise questions, to which he received positive and well considered answers.

"Confound that fellow!" muttered Bartram, "he's in my way wherever I move. I've heard too much of him in the stores and the courts and everywhere else that I have been obliged to go.

Mostyn lies at Rawdon gate. Natural that the Mostyns should succeed the Rawdons. Power of God! Neither in this generation nor the next." And at the same moment Mostyn, having thought over his interview with Judge Rawdon, walked thoughtfully to a window and muttered to himself: "Whatever was the matter with the old man? Polite as a courtier, but something was wrong.

The response of Colleton had been unhesitating and immediate; and having given it, he passed through the throng and left the crowd, which, sullenly parting, made way for him in front. Guy Rivers, in an under tone, muttered in the ear of Munro as he left the circle: "That, by the eternal God, he shall never do. Are you satisfied now of the necessity of silencing him?"

Your case will be attended to by the American authorities at Coblenz." The German, with a muttered imprecation, did as he was told, and while Bart kept his eye on the group of prisoners, Frank and the other Army Boys looked over the map. They had been so long in Coblenz that they knew the town from end to end, and could readily identify the places that on the map were splashed with red.

"Detectives or thieves?" Camaroncocido asked himself and immediately shrugged his shoulders. "But what is it to me?" The lamp of a carriage that drove up lighted in passing a group of four or five of these individuals talking with a man who appeared to be an army officer. "Detectives! It must be a new corps," he muttered with his shrug of indifference.

"If that weathercock of a thousand colors, that idiot, Marescotti," muttered the cavaliere, as he descended the stairs, "could only be got to give up his impious mission, and marry the dear child, all might yet be right. He has an eye and a tongue that would charm a woman into anything.

In proof of his words Bumpus speedily drew out the crooked bit of steel in question. "Here you are, Giraffe, like to like!" he sang out gaily, as he tossed his find toward the tall scout. "I s'pose that's as much as calling me a crank," muttered Giraffe; "but then, we'd take anything from you, Bumpus, just now, we feel so good after your splendid work."

Then there were whispered communications from the grooms, and long faces under some of the hats. This horse hadn't been fit since last Monday's run, and that man's hack wasn't as it should be. A muttered curse might have been heard from one gentleman as he was told, on jumping from the box, that Harry Stubbings hadn't sent him any second horse to ride.